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Just Doula the Damn Thing

I am finally listening. I am committed to soaking in every word instead of just hearing my hopes, fears, desires, needs like a stranger’s voice on the bus or radio commentary in rush hour traffic. 504 more words

Doula Training

Catching Life

Last Saturday night, I received a text message that I had been both nervous and excited about. I must have re-read it a dozen times: “Hey Sarah, looks like tonight might be the night!” At this point, I was getting ready for bed after a long week, and I must admit, it took my groggy brain a while to process this. 410 more words


To Be, Or Not To Be

I signed up for doula training rather impulsively. I figured that if I was going to apply to midwifery school, I should have legitimate experience to impress the registration board with. 342 more words


Start Talking About Why You're the Best

Not ready to shout it out from the rooftop that your birth business is the best in your area?
I get it. You don’t want to brag, be cocky, or hurt any feelings. 845 more words



We have wrapped up our first class, hosted our first community events,  hung our first photo, and started our New Parent Group. This is really beginning to feel like home! 634 more words

Doulas gotta pay bills too

I was introduced to the world of doulas over 4 years ago now. Since then I’ve been pretty vocal about who they are, why I love them, why I think everyone should have one, and most recently why I wanted to be one, yet I still get mixed reactions when it comes up in conversation. 891 more words