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4 Facts About Doulas That May Surprise You

Doulas offer professional support for women during their childbearing years. There are postpartum doulas that assist new families in adapting to the rigors of a new baby, as well as labor doulas that help mothers to obtain the type of birth experience they are seeking. 712 more words

Becoming a Doula? Step 2

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This post is a continuation of our ongoing topic, Becoming a Doula.

Now that you have decided to continue your journey towards Doula-hood (congratulations!) it’s time to check out a few resources. 1,257 more words



I had my first panic attack, in a long while. It occurred at the end of the day during my doula training. I was sitting there, taking notes on interviewing clients and how to navigate conversation topics to educate better, when the subject of grief came up. 374 more words

Becoming a Doula? Step 1

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Recently I’ve had a number of people approach me with inquiries on how they can begin their doula journey. Like anything else in life, there are multiple ways to achieve this goal, however for the purposes of this post I will outline the more mainstream approach. 743 more words


The Labour Learn

Three of us in the class are doulas from previous experience. We have been to births and have learned some tips on how to support women during labour and birth. 495 more words


I was in heaven...

So what exactly is a ‘doula’? A labor/birth doula is a woman (I disagree and would like to give a shout out to some of the amazing Man-Doula’s we have out there!), who provides physical and emotional support to women and their families during labor and birth. 282 more words