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The Birth of a Doula

Beginnings are always so exciting, aren’t they?! Perhaps that is why I’m so drawn to birth work; beginnings truly are beautiful to me. Everything is so fresh, new and I can’t wait to take my first step so I can take my next. 744 more words



I can’t wait to be a midwife.

I can feel it. on the tip of my tongue. the roof of my mouth. my fingertips. the soles of my feet that ground me to mother earth. 81 more words

My Body, My Belly

I had never known about this phenomenon until I became pregnant. I had never known that how my body looked and my body weight would be the subject of much public fascination, questioning and even judgement. 390 more words

Pregnant in the Foothills: Top 10 Outdoor Activities

It’s warming up out there! We can always dream that these above zero temperatures are here to stay. But, until they are, get out your calendars and start planning your Spring/Summer pregnancy in the Foothills! 416 more words


Unconditional Support - I do that

Life is full of choices. Pregnancy, followed by a new baby, creates a whole new list of decisions needing to be made:


Respecting each other's birth choices: why it matters for all of us

I once asked a group of pregnant women to name one thing they wanted at their birth. The only catch was that they couldn’t give the answer “a healthy baby” or “a safe delivery”. 532 more words

Why your circle of support is so important after baby

As a  nurse I’ve had the privilege of working with new parents in the early days after their child is born.  I often get to hear stories about their birth experiences: the beautiful, upsetting, and the “not what I was expecting.” 427 more words