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Reclaiming My Birth: A Journey to Healing

  “When traumas, be they extreme or mild, are not resolved they leave behind a slew of painful, unprocessed feelings in the unconscious. These feelings are never content to remain silent and instead clamor for release. 3,441 more words

CMBN Bloom 2016: Rochester, MN Recap!

I had great time at the first event hosted by the Rochester Minnesota Moms Blog, Bloom 2016 (April 30 2016). The expo was designed for expectant and new moms.   263 more words

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Compare and Contrast Certified and Uncertified Doulas

I was reading an online discussion recently about the benefits of doula certification.  There was some discussion about the fees and how some doulas don’t receive referrals from their certifying body which, by the way, is NOT the point of certification.  1,136 more words

"You're a Doo- whaaaat?"

It seems like even with the current evolution of the birth world- with documentaries like “The Business of Being Born” and “Born in the USA” becoming quite well known, and more women choosing home births or seeking out birth centers, you hear more and more about “alternative” birth practices and birth-related terms. 942 more words


Feed with Love

There’s a lot of mommy wars these days. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what we are supposed to be fighting about. Apparently if you support women who breastfeed you somehow don’t support women who use formula. 602 more words

Willow's birth. Natural, like a hurricane.

Below is a letter I wrote to the doula service following the birth of Willow. She came quick and HARD. Labor was 3 hours total and barely was in the hospital for more than 5 minutes when she showed up: 1,951 more words