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Dear Doula

Dear Doula,

Early on in your career I imagine you sought to find a label that fit you well. Perhaps those around you called you a New Doula. 1,369 more words


Let's Talk Pumping Problems...

Any mom who has had to pump breastmilk for her child knows that it is not easy. Whether she is trying to increase her milk production and trying to move more milk out in order to make more, she is at work and storing food for the next day, or is just planning a few hours’ getaway for some fun with friends, she knows that pumping takes planning and work. 686 more words


Making Predictions During Birth - About as Magic as the 8 Ball!

Did you ever have a Magic 8 Ball? I did. I loved that thing. I loved being able to ask a question, any question, and have the almighty oracle predict my fate. 1,513 more words


Hello world!

First post on a new blog. Something about it feels so fresh and new and exciting! I’m supposed to tell you who I am and why I’m writing on this blog, so here goes. 131 more words


Regals *Reals* per a Embarassades



Voleu tenir un detall però aneu un pèl perduts/des, el vostre pressupost pot o no ser ajustat… Després de dos fills corroboro que les següents són idees relevants, pràctiques i de molt valor! 557 more words

Maternitat & Criança

"I didn't matter"

I didn’t matter when my son was born… That’s how it felt, and I was left postnatally depressed and traumatised. A speedy labour for a first baby (4 hours first stage), extremely painful, but I was unable to deliver him… I was trying for almost 3 hours, and the medical team thought that was ok, despite my protests. 232 more words


The Unexpected in Birth and the Importance of Control

This is a quick reflection on how birth is about “the unexpected” and about how important it is that women be in control of decision-making in birth precisely BECAUSE so much in birth is unexpected. 398 more words