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5 Things I Do as a Doula

A few days ago I wrote a post on what a doula doesn’t do. Today, I’d like to talk to you about what a doula does do. 610 more words


Hi I'm Elle. Your future doula and friend.

Hi! I’m Elle Reid and I am an experienced doula and family planning counselor here in the beautiful city of Philadelphia! I worked as a mental health care provider in Boston, MA for several years at one of the nation’s top hospitals in the Ob/GYN department as a mental health coach and advocate to adolescent young women. 330 more words


Welcome to Breastfeeding Matters

Hi there! Welcome to Breastfeeding Matters where you’ll find all things breastfeeding (and birth and the occasional women’s rights’ post)! This is just a quick welcome post to invite you to follow us during your pregnancy and breastfeeding journeys and beyond. 41 more words


Why I wanted a doula

Some people have not heard of a doula before and others are well informed about who they are and what they offer. Personally I did not know what a doula was before the birth of my first child. 308 more words


Do you doula?

Yes, the title is a play on words. :)

I’m officially certifying again for birth and post partum doula, child birth educator, lactation consultant, and professional doula. 378 more words

What does being a doula mean to me?

A doula as defined by DONA International is :

a trained professional who provides continuous physical,¬†emotional and informational support to a mother before,¬†during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the¬†healthiest, most satisfying experience possible… 115 more words

5 things I won't do as your doula

Doulas are present at only 6% of all births. In recent years more people have been hiring a doula for their birth, but there are still a lot of uncertainties and myths surrounding what a doula does. 357 more words