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Labor Positions

“Research suggests that certain positions can also enhance the progress of labor.”

Mayo Clinic: Labor Position Slide Show

Changing your position often during labor can improve the progress of your labor. 185 more words


Appreciation is IMPORTANT

I penned a letter to my husband last night for our 6th wedding anniversary today, I have shared it below – but before you read that…I wanted to discuss why first and why I felt the need to share it on my blog. 593 more words


So happy!

The feeling you get when you book two clients in one day! Doula and encapsulation…


The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People by Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell

Awhile back, a colleague in the field of feminist medical rhetorics recommended The Doulas: Radical Care for Pregnant People by Mary Mahoney and Lauren Mitchell (though it must not’ve been too long ago because this book was just published in 2016). 760 more words

A Beginners Guide to Bathing Your Newborn

Are you a new parent and a nervous wreck thinking about that first bath you have to give your newborn?

Don’t be! We are here to walk you through it! 363 more words


Outdoor Adventures with Baby - One More Reason to Love Babywearing

Babywearing has been practiced in many different forms by many cultures around the world for centuries.  As the art of babywearing grows in popularity in the industrialized world, the countless benefits of these practices are beginning to be recognized through modern research.  749 more words


Keep It Moving--Doula Tuesday

When labor starts, contractions are light and mamma has lots of energy. She is upbeat and if at home, she flits around making sure everything is ready for her new little one to arrive. 360 more words