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Beautiful Pregnancy 

I hope you take the time to celebrate your pregnancy, it can be as simple as snapping some pictures of your belly on your phone, or spending 15 minutes every night connecting with your baby and partner. 20 more words


5 Ways Doulas Make Your Life Better

Doulas are becoming very popular these days and there is very good reason for that!  Research has shown that having a Doula can decrease the need for medical interventions during labour, reduce the likelihood of having a C-Section and increase the mother’s feeling that her birth experience was a positive one.   555 more words


Why can't I just accept my traumatic birth?

Many women ask themselves this. But what if you don’t need to accept it, to heal?

Debby Gould and Melissa Bruijn are founders of Birthtalk.org… 587 more words

Birth Trauma

11 (low cost) gifts for a new parent

Here are 11 tips on how to be the best visitor a postpartum parent has ever had!

1) Don’t ask, just help. Many new parents will turn down help for fear of burdening or inconveniencing others. 574 more words

When Your Husband Doesn't Understand

So you have had your baby with you at home for a few weeks now. Your partner is back to work and you’re home with the baby. 724 more words


It sounds funny if you say it aloud, “midwifery.” However funny it may sound, it isn’t. It is a very serious profession that often goes unrecognized, or if recognized, it often gets looked down on. 374 more words

Spinning Babies

Hola, yo estoy tan y tan “pompiá” con este taller. Lo primero es ¿qué es spinning babies? Traducido de la página oficial de Spinning Babies… 423 more words