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The Birth of a Doula

Once I have delicately (or not so much?) explained what exactly a doula is and does, the next question I am often asked is why? Why did I decide to do this or how did you start doing this? 461 more words


Gatsby's birth story

Gatsby Harper Mosley-Chalk was born on at 2pm on the 9th June, a Tuesday afternoon, in the birthing pool, in my living room, with my doula Hannah and my daughter Ava present. 2,030 more words

You have the birth you need to have....

Of all the experiences of my life, giving birth was the most transformational.

I remember thinking during my first labour.. “Why didn’t anyone tell me”? 1,073 more words


Um pouco sobre minha história e sobre o processo de certificação para doula

Hoje gostaria de contar um pouco sobre como cheguei aqui e o que me aguarda pela frente.

Desde que eu tive meus dois filhos me apaixonei PERDIDAMENTE por tudo relacionado à gravidez, parto e amamentação. 717 more words


What Has Birth Become?

Recently I read the insightful book, Rediscovering Birth by Sheila Kitzinger and it was so eye-opening. I knew birth in America had changed due to technology, but having the customs of other cultures around the world to compare it to makes it even more surreal. 1,007 more words


Birth Experiences

I don’t really have any personal birth experiences. I’m not  a parent, and I’ve never been a direct part of anyone’s birth experience. I have read many, many women’s birth stories, and have heard many birth stories of friends and family.   647 more words