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Nursery update (Week 3)

Week 3

Working on the nursery, I am a week behind so this is for week 16-20.  Week 2’s post went until Monday where we were driving home from Montana on our road trip.  1,459 more words


My last placenta pill

Yes, I ingested my placenta.

I am as surprised as you are, but I already had the midwife and the doula and was delivering my baby without pain meds in a bath tub – so why not go the whole nine yards? 286 more words


A Page in Herstory

They gathered under a full moon. It was 3 a.m., but no one seemed to care. There was a buzz of nervous energy in the air. 725 more words


Why doulas get no respect. It's not the science, it's the culture.

My social media feeds lit up two weeks ago after this New York Times story about doulas was published. At first it seemed that doulas, and the benefits of continuous labor support, had been validated by the paper of record.  1,065 more words

Did Someone Say Doula?

ICYMI – In a recent article, The Times reported on the growing numbers of doulas that expecting NYC moms employ to support them during their labor processes. 306 more words


Why you should consider birth photography.

You’re probably thinking:

Pictures? In the labor room. No thanks.

What about all the blood and stuff?

Why would I want pictures of sweaty, messy me? 619 more words


A Free Doula Never Hurt Anyone, Right?

There’s a buzz happening on the doula community, a buzz that doulas offering free services hurt other doulas. There is no doubt that for many doula work is heart work. 1,416 more words