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Birth Story Part 1: How we got from decision to hospital

We’re coming up on the first birthday of the nugget, so I wanted to capture for posterity and curiosity what my birth experience was like. 1,299 more words


Doulas and Partners- It’s Teamwork!

When a mom brings up wanting to hire a doula for her birth, her partner may be a little skeptical. Is this person replacing me? What can she do that I can’t? 638 more words

A Healthy Baby Isn't All That Matters

I recently connected with a sweet lady. We were having just a lovely time chatting – she told me about her children (they’re all grown now) and she asked what I do. 521 more words

5 Ways Your Hairdresser is like a Doula

Recently, I went for a haircut. I was actually on my way to the grocery store when my phone reminded me that I had a hair appointment in 15 minutes! 1,170 more words


In “honor” of my new logo & name change I thought it would be fun to talk about nesting during pregnancy. Did you experience nesting? Do you know what nesting means? 330 more words

I Wasn't Ready For You...

Evangeline’s Birth Story.

I didn’t want to write this out, it is hard to bring myself back and to accept everything that happened. But I wanted it written out for you baby girl, so here it is, this is our story of how you came into the world. 2,367 more words


Alternative Pain Relief to Epidurals!

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure you discuss all your options and ideas for pain relief with your medical care provider to ensure that you are safe and properly cared for. 687 more words