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The conservative case against Pope Francis — and why it matters

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Five years into his papacy, Pope Francis is a polarizing figure. To his supporters, he’s a much-needed change for the church. He’s a reformer whose willingness to model Christlike behavior (from… 2,783 more words


What a debate about Pope Francis’s supposed liberalism says about the future of Catholicism

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Two high-profile Catholic thought leaders duked it out last week in a debate over the five-year legacy of Pope Francis — and what his papacy means for a church in crisis. 1,749 more words


Two Simple Questions about Health Care

When Ross Douthat sucks his thumb over Roman Catholic theological controversies, my eyes glaze over. Aardvark ain’t got no dog in THAT fight.

Other days—and today, I think, was such a day—he’s worth a read. 456 more words

Blind Men of Hindostan Assess Trump

This was the day when the several blind men of Hindostan debated loud and long about whether the President of the United States is best compared to a petulant, immature child, to a raging bear, to a bull in a China shop, or to mad King Lear. 739 more words