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Nuove sfide per Aki -la Rievocazione Storica e la fiera di Piacenza-

Ciao Zillini!!!
Scusate l’assenteismo ma sono senza pc, appena possibile caricherò le video-recensioni delle scorse conventions.

Oggi vi parlo di qualcosa di nuovo, un nuovo ambiente a cui mi sto lentamente e curiosamente avvicinando, 919 more words

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This scent oil diffuser has made me kind of addicted. I have so many scent oils, melon, Icecream&cookies, lavender, summerfruits, cozy christmas etc. I’m tempted to light the christmas one, but I’m gonna BE STRONG AND INDEPENDENT and wait until december. 71 more words

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SkyVentures w/ AVIC & Kiireen #04 :: Bandit Bounty

Finding allies to compete in the harsh lands of Skyrim is a must especially after attempting to take down a multitude of bandits alone. Can Kiireen and AVIC find a team or will they wander alone forever.. 25 more words

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SkyVentures w/ AVIC & Kiireen #3 :: Investigation: Helgen

After escaping Bleak Fall Barrows and the loss of our friend Faendal, AVIC & Kiireen decide to investigate Helgen. Kiireen on the other hand see’s Embershard Mine and lets his kitty cat curiosity get the best of him and so enters ultimately regrets it.. 24 more words

Lets Play

Top 10 Dragon Shouts

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a top 10 list of anything, so I’d figure a list for the best and most useful shouts (in my opinion) was an order. 1,023 more words

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim