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DOW (Drinks of the Week) The Ireland Edition

The DOW will be about the  various beers and stills that I had during our recent trip to Dublin.  We visited many different Pubs and met some pretty awesome people.  1,089 more words


US Stocks Rose Over the Week; Positive Earnings Reports

Financial News and Portfolio Management Discussion through April 22nd

US stocks rose over the week on positive earnings reports. The S&P 500 gained 0.9% and the Dow rose 0.5% for the week.  164 more words

Investment Advisory

Just Ignore This Chart

Here’s one you can file away in the “shit that doesn’t both me in the slightest” folder.

So this is basically the percentage of institutional investors/retail investors who think stocks are going to rise in the year ahead minus the percentage of those same investors who think the market is fairly valued. 57 more words

S&P 500

Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • NASDAQ Crosses 6,000
  • Dow Nears 21,000
  • McDonalds Experiences Strong Sales on Big Macs and Breakfast
  • Chipotle Stock and Sales Rise on Health Concerns Falling
  • Uber Says That It Will Have Flying Cars by the Year 2020
Business Headlines

Babbling brook

The weir at Staverton, South Devon, UK