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Down by the river: Greenwich; July 2017

A brief Thursday morning walk along the Thames from Greenwich heading east, dressed over-optimistically in shorts and t-shirt. Before the rain set in properly I managed to get a few shots looking along the river towards the Dome, and the thought occurred that these views may not last too much longer, if development on the west side of Greenwich peninsula picks up pace as it has on the eastern side. 12 more words

Down By The River

Down by the River Festival 2017

Man mag es kaum glauben. Am 24.6.2017 feiert Berlins erstes (und lange Zeit einziges) Innenstadt-Indie-DIY-Festival 9. Geburtstag.

Wir mögen es, weil hier undogmatisch wilde Stilmixe und Haltung zelebriert wird, und vor allem, weil der Livemusicmaniac hier tolle neue Entdeckungen machen kann. 106 more words


DBTR S2:E3 – Dust Up or Dustin? You Make the Call.

Episode #3
Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio
Guests: none


With the recent dust up in Baltimore and the public response from Dustin Pedroia casting a shadow on the Boston Red Sox as they close out the first month of the season, Paul and Tim put on their private investigator hats and try to get to the bottom of the “who them is” question. 129 more words

Down By The River

The Dark Places

Everyone knows the dark places, those that linger on the edge of consciousness like a Neil Young song.

Down by the River, why’d you shoot your baby? 94 more words


DBTR S2:E2 – Happy Snow-pening Day!

Episode #2
Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio
Guests: none


Paul and Tim were beyond bullish on the 2017 Boston Red Sox chances to be a frontrunner this season as the team began Spring Training. 176 more words

Down By The River

DBTR S2:E1 – Buying or Sale-ing the 2017 Red Sox?

Episode #1
Hosts: Paul Testa, Tim Daloisio
Guests: none


Paul and Tim — you remember them don’t you? — crawl out of hibernation and face the world for the first time without David Ortiz’ smiling face beaming back at them from Fort Myers. 129 more words

Down By The River

Down by the river: Burnt-out car on the Thames Path; February 2017

A freezing cold February morning on the Thames path revealed a dumped and burnt-out car under one of the (possibly disused) chutes for transferring aggregates between boats and the Angerstein branch railhead in Charlton. 21 more words