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Temper Your Temper

My four-year-old and I have been butting heads. And I don’t like yelling at him and I need to work on being more patient. I think all parents can agree that there are times when you just lose your mind. 590 more words

Far from the Tree Documentary

I lug the book Far from the Tree, all 962 pages of it, around with me to family meetings and client sites at children’s hospitals and disability organizations.   899 more words


So Who's Fault Was This?

Once Rodrigo’s blood work came back his pediatrician made a call to the NICU, where we stayed for a week due to his high bilirubin level, to confirm his diagnosis. 476 more words

Down Syndrome

The Other R-Word

About a month ago, I was talking to my sister and was trying to remember the three types of Down syndrome. It was still on my mind when I went to bed a little while later, so I decided to look it up before I went to sleep. 1,051 more words

Down Syndrome

I Cried & Cried & Cried........ A Lot!

& NO I did not cry because my son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome! I cried because I did not want him to go through whatever he will go through in this society.. 269 more words

Down Syndrome

He has Down Syndrome?!

My midwife said, “you as a nurse should see some characteristics on him, do you see them?” My response was hesitant and I just said, “well all newborns look the same when they are born, I can’t really tell.” But I knew the minute I held him in my arms that my son had… 60 more words

Down Syndrome

At The Risk of Sounding Like a Jerk. . .

Can I confess some mixed feelings?

A little backstory: Alex brought home a flyer for the Night to Shine”, an event created by the Tim Tebow foundation to provide a formal dance night for people with disabilities. 666 more words