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Curious Connections

Undertaking historical research work into early pupils of the School is like unravelling the best detective story!

Researching the names of pupils embroidered on a sampler listing pupils in 1838, … 1,779 more words

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Ben Wheatley Films, Ranked

Like most auteurs, director Ben Wheatley can’t be pigeonholed. Calling him a horror director is like saying Werner Herzog makes biopics. Same would go for science fiction, which classifies Wheatley about as easily as it does… 1,243 more words


High-Rise (Film Review)

Ben Wheatley is an insanely cool and focused filmmaker, his movies treading that delicious line between high-brow arthouse fair and primal batshit-crazy entertainment. Which is just my flamboyant way of saying that they’re both intelligent and engaging as hell. 1,210 more words


Capsule review: Down Terrace (2009)

British director Ben Wheatley (High-Rise, Kill List) announced himself as a formidable and promising talent with his impressive debut film about gangsters, moles, doubts, bad decisions and repercussions. 97 more words