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Henrietta Frankenstein 

For obvious reasons, Henrietta is a well-known figure in the Retreat Cemetery, which has been newly spruced up thanks to a recent grant.

I had to go look up what the “Æ” means in this context: it’s an abbreviation for anno aetatis suae, which in this context means that she died in the 67th year of her life.


Worth a Dime

It was their wedding anniversary. Ten years. She sat at the table and considered what she would write. Usually, words came easy for her. She could be honest when writing. 880 more words

Domestic Abuse/Violence

Accounting from Squanchtendo

Yesterday, in  a conversation with my CoMotion Labs row-mate Jean-Pierre Chery, I said, “I really want there to be a Monty Python of VR.” JP raised his eyebrows and replied that he had just downloaded something off Steam that I had to see. 354 more words

Mayke Nas Componist des vaderlands: Tien redenen om te componeren

Gisteren werd bekend dat Mayke Nas (1972) de nieuwe Componist des Vaderlands wordt, als opvolger van Willem Jeths. Een geweldige keuze, aangezien Nas een heel ander soort muziek schrijft dan Jeths en een ongekend frisse kijk heeft op het leven en op componeren. 1,149 more words

Thea Derks

Birthday Cake

“Mom and Dad are coming for dinner tomorrow,” she told him.

“What time?”

“Six. I’ll have dinner ready.” She smiled.

“Cool.” He looked back up at the television. 1,287 more words

Domestic Abuse/Violence

Insignificantly Significant

“Who was that?”

He hung up the phone and rolled his eyes. “One of the cleaning ladies. Her husband is a real dick.”

She grimaced. “How so?” 1,147 more words

Down The Rabbit Hole

Tears in a Pillow (Graphic Content Warning)

Her back was turned to him. His even breathing, slow and relaxed, confirmed he had already passed out.

She slowly rose from the bed, wrapped her robe around her body, gathered her clothes off the floor, and crept out of the room. 833 more words

Down The Rabbit Hole