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Down The Rabbit Hole, Part 3: But one song

Almost eight decades later, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has gone through the ringer of conspiracy theories ranging from chauvinism to drugs to recycled villains. 614 more words


After Circling the Rabbit Hole

Today’s the day, I’m finally doing it. Writing up a blog post. I’ve spent the last, well, forever, contemplating this very thing. How should I start? 203 more words


A Choice To Make, A Choice To Decide, A Choice Easy To Have

As usual, I was up before everyone else, making myself breakfast when I heard the front door open.

“Dear heavens.” Followed by luggage hitting the floor. 546 more words


Imposter Syndrome - the cat amongst the pengiuns

This week I admitted that I worry that I am not good enough to do a PhD. I often think that I don’t have the intelligence or research skills to get anywhere with it. 611 more words


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Imposter syndrome - we all have it. I've yet to meet anyone, academic or otherwise, who hasn't felt like they were playing at being a grown up. This post from BloggerByResearch sums it up nicely. And I have the same insecurities about being petite and female. I'm not sure if that confirms these insecurities, or just points out that it's merely physical. There was a particularly poignant moment a few years ago when Husband had submitted his PhD, but hadn't yet had his viva and was not getting anywhere with finding a job. I could only reassure him as his wife that he was a smart and capable individual, but not as a fellow academic because we are is very different fields. The best thing I could come up with was to make him watch a graduation commencement speech from the New England Institute of Arts, given by Amanda Palmer on the Fraud Police. As I'm now pretty close to embarking on exactly the same process, I think it's time to revisit it for myself. For some reason, knowing that someone who has a pretty successful career as a musician still fears the fraud police is comforting and motivating at the same time. You can watch it here. As for Husband, the day he passed his viva with minor corrections was also the day he was offered the Post-doctoral Research position he's in at the moment. I know the chance of lightning striking twice for us is slim, but at least it gives me hope.

The giant rabbit

It’s 5:00 am. Why am i up so early? I’ll tell ya why! It’s a new project of mine, searching for this large rabbit I’ve seen localy. 780 more words


Entering The World Of Tumblr

I am pleased to announce that Eco Chic Cayman is now on Tumblr.  You can follow me here

I feel like I just fell down the rabbit hole, as I venture into this new sphere of social media and the blogging world.   47 more words

Eco Chic Cayman

A Spring Cleanup of my Life

I’m tired.  That’s not an unusual symptom in America these days, but I find it’s always helpful to acknowledge where I am (as opposed to pretending I’m somewhere else, like on a beach in Tahiti).   1,443 more words