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I have but recently returned from the valley of the shadow of death. I am rapturously breathing in all the odours and essences of life.

That and many other choice snippets of pseudo-philosophical jargon intersperse the strange visual experience of Waking Life. The movie is entirely “rotoscoped” which, for those unfamiliar (as I was until I looked up the unusual art style) means they’ve drawn over the top of every single frame manually to give the illusion of a lifelike cartoon. 1,453 more words


Down the Rabbit Hole: Utah's barren-land blooms.

Blistering heat, parched throats, Fata Morganas – the cliches of a desert are quite familiar to everyone. Utah’s desert life, however, shatters the stereotype one short-lived colourful bloom at a time. 241 more words


Althea in Wonderland: Down the Dragon's Nest

Today, we went out into the redwoods. Althea firmly believes that the redwoods are home to faeries and dragons and other mythical creatures. And why wouldn’t she? 286 more words


The Alice in Wonderland multiverse series and important links to content

The book is called Through A Glass Darkly which is a short novel/ novella with photos.   Through A Glass Darkly is book one of three to five book cycle taking place in the Alice in Wonderland multiverse (with a big mythology and character driven story arcs).  131 more words

The Dreams of Reality Never Cease to End

“Come on Ally, Let’s go out and have some fun. You’re Auntie isn’t here right now.” Chessy urged, tugging my arm.
I tried valiantly to ignore her, face buried in my pillow. 376 more words


The Dear, the Dead, the Lonely

He came to me in a dream, same as he’d always done. My childhood friend. He’d changed since I’d last known him, back in Wonderland. This time, we stayed in my Auntie’s house. 288 more words


CFP Company of Wolves: only ten days left to submit and actually walk with wolves!!

Following my post yesterday where I lamented the last wolf and talked about Maggie Stiefvater’s ‘Wolves of Mercy Falls’  Shiver books, Radio 4 today featured a discussion of this very topic – in a moment of surprising serendipity. 271 more words


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A timely reminder if, like me, you're planning on submitting an abstract for the 'Company of Wolves' conference at the University of Hertfordshire and haven't yet. I'm going with shapeshifting, hybridity and social change. How about you?