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Baked Chicken Kumara and Spinach

So this one is from an old Australian cook book and it’s a really nice hearty dish for the whole family. For those of you who are not sure what Kumara is, it’s just another word for sweet potatoes. 205 more words


Now This Probably Isn't What Anyone Would Call Music 1

The first in an occasional series, which I am releasing surreptitiously, and quietly, as I am fairly sure they’re terrible. In line with the Now! project where I am attempting to review every song from every Now! 64 more words


Pitch Perfect 2

Not Aca-perfect, but certainly Aca-mazing… Pitch Perfect (2012) came along as a suprise hit – on the back of the Glee trend – it was funny,with an excellent soundtrack and immensly likeable characters. 767 more words

Dating Aussies

As I’ve previously mentioned and/or ranted about before via this blog, I’ve been single for oh…4 years give or take. I’ve been through all the ups and downs, magical twists, unicorns and not-so-great adventures that come with Tinder dating, blind dates, bar hookups, and friend set ups. 784 more words



Today’s #onegoodthing marks a slight change of pace to the usual picks.

Coming from the land Down Under, via the consistently reliable Bedroom Suck Records… 28 more words