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The one with that patronizing relative

Sometimes you are just too exhausted to tell them off, knowing fully well it is going to create another angry-patient-shouting-at-me day if I decided to exercise my authority in chasing out that relo from my consult room, so I can proceed just with the patient alone. 856 more words

Down Under

The patient who heard the name wrong...

This is a true story that happened on March 22nd.

Been toooooo busy with work this whole week, leaving the clinic close to midnight (while we officially close at 11pm) 3 out of 5 days. 913 more words

Down Under

Discover Australia with me!

Welcome back to my channel guys!!!! Sorry for the gap. Been sick. Better now but for some reason I can’t hear out if my left ear how do I fix this? 328 more words


Inspiration from Down Under

Isn’t it interesting just what inspires words. What creates idea. What germinates a seed that grows into a forest.

I’ve found inspiration – or rather, inspiration has found me – in the everyday world in which I live… or at least my little corner of it. 134 more words


Shaggy Lights Down Under

Bright Lights” – released 19 March 1928

Released 19 March 1948:

The Shaggy Dog – released 19 March 1959

The Hound of Florence | Felix Salten

#nicoledownunder (Part 1)

Australia – The land down under has always been very high on my travel destination priority list. So it’s not surprising that, when I started making plans for my post-graduation “sabbatical” (very needed!), my decision to finally realize my plan to work in and travel through the fifth continent was made rather quickly. 585 more words