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Why I haven't been blogging

Although my blog is new and is very exciting and I am filled with lots of ideas for posts and things I just haven’t wanted to blog the last week. 233 more words


Down Geared Top Gear

As I’m sure many know by now, Clarkson has been dropped by the BBC. Not surprising considering the unprovoked attack on the producer of the show, especially one that meant he had to go to A&E. 545 more words


Just keep breathing

Hi, not even sure where to start with all this, best to open with a joke: A sausage walks into a bar and orders some toast, barmaid says “sorry we don’t serve food here”. 984 more words


Preparedness & Organization : Part #2 - The Necessity for...

In this article of the series I will go over ICS system vs. military system (among others) and which is better and why. The I will cover what the “grid-down” situation will look like and why people need a proven organizational structure. 2,098 more words

Opinion & Observation

"Police fire tear gas on crowd during Sierra Leone Ebola lockdown"

“New cases have fallen sharply since a peak of more than 500 a week in December but the government says the lockdown, its second, is necessary to identify the last cases and to buck a worrying trend towards complacency.” 7 more words