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19 September 2016 - The Moody Blues

Ratings agency Moody’s puts 5 SOE’s on a ratings downgrade notice and again warned of a possible country downgrade at the end of the year.  In the same week, President Zuma asked for a more positive narrative on the country.


Samsung Announces Temporary Note 7 Solution: Limit Phone's Charge

While Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphones still haven’t officially been recalled in the United States, all over the world, people are continuing to use their brand-new phones, at least until Samsung is able to get a… 195 more words

howto downgrade ed/x/ubuntu 16 php 7.0 to php 5.6

howto downgrade ed/x/ubuntu 16 php 7.0 to php 5.6

install a clean ed/x/ubuntu from ISO but do not add php then

add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php
aptitude update
aptitude install php5.6

# verify php
php -v

# verify apache
a2query -m… 28 more words

31 Aug 2016 (AFR) - Surfstitch clears decks as shares dive - wiped out by $155m loss

(31 August 2016, AFR, p15, by Sue Mitchell)

‘SurfStitch chief executive Mike Sonand has promised to return the online retailer to profit after a horror year in which it shredded more than $500 million in shareholder value and lost $155 million, two… 20 more words

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18 Aug 2016 (AFR) - QBE and CSL have a day of disappointment

(18 August 2016, AFR, p32, by Philip Baker)

‘Who would have thought it. In the biggest day so far this profit reporting season, it was one of the country’s largest and most esteemed companies, … 81 more words

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Solution for the Church Maze.

I have long wanted to write about Fresh Life Church on this blog, the biggest reason being that i know that i have friends and family and possibly even a few readers who go to this church. 1,787 more words