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Trail of the Castle - Enduro MTB Ticino - Film #2

Castello Sasso Corbaro a Bellinzona. Secondo film di enduro mtb Ticino. Social Network Instagram Rider Riccardo Instagram Facebook Mattia Instagram…
https://tioggi.ch/ticinovideos/trail-of-the-castle-enduro-mtb-ticino-film-2/ BELLINZONA, downhill, Enduro, enduro mtb, mtb, Ride


I got a dash cam!

Time for a break from my usual dose of heaviness!

I have been saying for months now that I need a dash cam. I do delivery type work in my spare time.  153 more words


Enduro in Valle Verzasca - Enduro MTB Ticino

Primo video in alta valle Verzasca, sentiero in zona Frasco. Social Network Instagram Rider Riccardo Instagram Facebook Mattia Instagram Facebook…
https://tioggi.ch/ticinovideos/enduro-in-valle-verzasca-enduro-mtb-ticino/ downhill, Enduro, enduro mtb, mtb


Welcome To Good Times...

Since my operation my arm had been feeling great. Some aches and pains here and there from the arthritis that had manifested itself in my elbow, but nothing that would keep me off my bike. 812 more words


Sound of Speed - Matt Jones

Bár teljesen megszoktuk, hogy a hasonló videók szinte mindig pörgős zenékre , “kapkodósan” vannak vágva, szerintünk abszolút van létjogosultsága a Sound of speed féle videóknak. Minket megvettek.

///Kép: Red Bull///


All things come in 3's...

For those of you that know me, you’ll understand that I’m competitive. I’m not keen on coming last in things, almost as much as I dislike missing out on top spots. 617 more words


2017.....A Failed Marathon and Tidworth Freeride

So 2017 started off with a grand plan in mind, Paris marathon.  We put the work in and, fairly rigidly stuck to a gruelling training plan which contained far more running than we had anticipated!   357 more words