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R402 Chapter 12

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Donald Blumf comes to Sasamoto’s workplace asking for a little bling bling. Afterwards our plucky main character gets cucked and goes all 50 shades of Sasamoto.

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Eternal Triangle: Pursued By Your Big and Little Brothers [Review & DL]

Of course Kyouhei is blushing — those jugs are huge *v* Yea boi, worship them!

Title: Eternal Triangle ~兄と弟に迫られて~

CV: 冬ノ熊肉 aka Kumagai Kentarou

Release: 915 more words


Crux of The Hindu and PIB Vol 54

Forum presents the Crux of the Hindu and PIB.

Reading the Hindu and PIB is seen as indispensable for any aspirant. Thus, our team has compiled the relevant news items, edited them and put together in a magazine form. 62 more words

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ScramBle: Sexy Tactics with Childhood Friend Brothers [Review & DL]

Title: ScramBle ~Osananajimi Kyoudai to Noukou Kakehiki 3P~

CV: Nakazawa Masatomo

Release: 25 July 2018

Site: Official GOLD and Animate International

Long time no see friends! 565 more words


Lucky Patcher APK Download - V8 & Above Updated Every Day

Lucky patcher :  This tool lets you make modifications on pre-installed Android applications. Download Lucky patcher now and start making changes to your daily drivers. Make sure to read the tutorial given bellow as there are a few things needed to be kept in mind before installing Lucky Patcher APK. 980 more words


Try These Tongue Scrapers To Get Rid of Bacteria and Bad Breath

When it comes to fighting bad breath, the first place to start is your mouth. That seems obvious, but bad breath can happen to anyone, even if you’re diligent about your oral care. 319 more words