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This is it,  the last blog for BCM210.

For our second assignment we are asked to conduct a short interview based on a topic that interests us and that we would like to research. 382 more words

Analyse a Text: Is downloading really stealing? The ethics of digital piracy

The Author is Christian Barry, he is the head of the school of Philosophy at Australian National University. Christian Barry’s articles receives funding from the Australian Research Council due to his project in Ethical Responsibility of Consumers. 486 more words


Judge Says An IP Address Is Not Enough To Identify A Movie Pirate

The plaintiffs also questioned the judge’s previous ruling in a case involving a porn company known for being a copyright troll. In that lawsuit, the judge had remarked that the “Plaintiff has not shown how this geolocation software can establish the identity of the Defendant. 42 more words

Policy & Ethics

A pirate’s life for me!

Australians everywhere cursed the day that Foxtel bought the rights to Grand Designs UK. Well, I say Grand Designs UK. I mean Game of Thrones. We cursed, and yet, around the water cooler on the day after each episode was released in the States, there was in-depth discussion on the plot of the episode. 570 more words

Conversation Starters

Not THAT Kind of Deviant!

This week’s blog is not about those types of deviants I swear! This week, I’m going to look at a journal article by Robert Cluley which is called “Downloading Deviance: Symbolic Interactionism and Unauthorised File Sharing.” In this article, Cluley structures arguments about illegally downloading music and how those who do so are deviants according to the labelling theory of deviance. 426 more words


從 App Store 下載免費程式

1. 按 “App Store” 鍵

2. 按右上角 “Search”

3. 鍵盤出現,便可輸入希望尋找的程式,輸入完畢後按 “Search”

4. 按 “Search” 後,可於螢幕下尋找程式,位置不定。如出現 “Get”,代表程式免費,可以按下。(Google 是本課題的例子,閣下可按喜好尋找任可程式)

5. 按下後,”Get” 鍵會變成 “Install”,再按下

6. 在這裡要輸入密碼,登入Apple ID。如忘記密碼可參考 尋找你的 Apple ID… 7 more words