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GarageBand Downloads

When GarageBand first runs, it wants to download about 10GB of data (loops etc.). This is great. So let’s download them.

Hmm, a pause download button would be nice (such as the ones iTunes has). 8 more words


Ipad Library: The Apps I Use and My Downloading Rules

This is the newest segment for Ipad Library. After my first post about what I had most recently downloaded on my Ipad, I thought that you might be interested in what apps I use and what mental checklist (or now as I am naming it my “Downloading Rules”) I use before I download a book. 942 more words


Downloading eBooks

Here’s a bit of a helpful link… enjoy!

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Spotify – How to Download Music

Downloading music from Spotify is only available for Premium customers, but if you did opt for a premium subscription, then do  know that this option exist. 9 more words

Converting Rmd. Files to PDF

Follow this process to compile statistical reports produced in R markdown into shareable PDF files.

Create HTML or PDF Files with R, Knitr, MiKTeX, and Pandoc… 19 more words



Of A Different Kind

No Technology Needed

Do you find yourself needing to download your mind? To clear it out. To reboot to start fresh. … 244 more words


Why movie streaming is better than downloading

With the rise of the digital age watching movies has become a common hobby or leisure practice for most people around the world. In most cases movie enthusiasts are faced with two options, its either they watch the movie through streaming or downloading. 456 more words