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Bowie spins records that prove insightful to his music in 1979 BBC broadcast

I must thank my friend Pablo for pointing out this two-hour radio show on the BBC hosted by David Bowie in 1979. He pointed out… 744 more words


Alx Czo shares what it feels like to release music on cassette -- A Cassette Store Day feature

The revival of analog releases and recording methods is more than a kitschy approach to music in a world dominated by on-line hits and streams. It can actually form the music. 1,286 more words


Ty Segall channels the essence of rock 'n' roll with 'Manipulator' -- a review

Despite what you may have seen at last night’s MTV Music Video Awards, classic rock ‘n’ roll is not going to ever go away. As this veteran music writer grows older, every year there seems to be some group of younger and younger musicians who come up with new music that harkens back to the roots of rock. 592 more words


Broncho's new single: the catchiest indie rock song I've heard in years

It’s probably been two years since I’ve heard a single as catchy as the new song by BRONCH, “Class Historian.” The last song that was as infectious must have been… 685 more words


Film and music stories in 'Pure Honey' 31, plus free music

More music on the Independent Ethos, you say? Well, every month, “Purehoney Magazine,” which I also contribute to, puts together a compilation of alternative indie rock that includes free downloads and steamable tracks from artists around the world. 126 more words


Ambient music artist Dirk Serries offers insight into his craft: An Indie Ethos exclusive

Before he coined the term “ambient music,” Brian Eno released an album called Discreet Music. Inside the 1975 album’s liner notes he described listening to a record of harp music at an extremely low level. 1,573 more words


An interview with Sigur Ros' drummer ahead of the band's first Miami show

One of the concerts of this year we’re most looking forward to is Sigur Rós’ overdue visit to Miami. It’s scheduled to cap the Icelandic band’s current U.S. 706 more words