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Hear the Afghan Whigs demo of 'Debonair,' an exclusive premiere from 'Gentlemen at 21'

The Afghan Whigs’ Gentlemen, originally released in 1993, not only represents the band’s major-label debut, but it’s also the platonic ideal of the group’s sound. 536 more words


'Nas: Time is Illmatic' tells the story behind an iconic album

In 1994, a relatively unknown hip-hop artist named Nas released his debut album Illmatic to mediocre sales. Over the next seven years, the album rode a surge of critical acclaim to platinum status in 2001—cementing itself as a landmark in East Coast hip-hop. 239 more words


Alx Czo shares what it feels like to release music on cassette -- A Cassette Store Day feature

The revival of analog releases and recording methods is more than a kitschy approach to music in a world dominated by on-line hits and streams. It can actually form the music. 1,286 more words


Ty Segall channels the essence of rock 'n' roll with 'Manipulator' -- a review

Despite what you may have seen at last night’s MTV Music Video Awards, classic rock ‘n’ roll is not going to ever go away. As this veteran music writer grows older, every year there seems to be some group of younger and younger musicians who come up with new music that harkens back to the roots of rock. 592 more words


Broncho's new single: the catchiest indie rock song I've heard in years

It’s probably been two years since I’ve heard a single as catchy as the new song by Broncho, “Class Historian.” The last song that was as infectious must have been… 685 more words


Drake drops new single, hints at album release date

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Rapper, Canadian, Saturday Night Live double-threat, and future ESPYs host Drake dropped a fresh song late last night. It’s called “0 to 100 / The Catch Up,” and it is as clear an elucidation of Drake’s state of mind as there is in his catalog.  243 more words