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Nor any drop to drink ...

I’m slowly moving towards Córdoba to meet up with Jo for a few days – it’ll be nice to see her and sight-see with company again – and I’ve stopped at a little place called Berlanga. 268 more words


Standing Corrected

I stand corrected. My neighbor finally got my message and stopped by yesterday to discuss the soil eroding from his corn field. In my angst over the mess, I had jumped to the conclusion that he had neglected to leave a patch of un-tilled grass waterway. 419 more words


Nature Wins

This round goes to Mother Nature.

I’ve heard tell that our warmer climate allows the atmosphere to hold more moisture. With a pattern of increasing frequency, our anecdotal evidence of the years we have lived here is that downpours are increasingly bringing multi-inch totals that overwhelm the old drainage paths. 350 more words


The violin man

Green bag, brown eyes

The violin man is walking under the rain.

Music plays in his mind,

He heads up with his heart.

Downpour, thunder, 40 more words

Heaven's Tears

Heaven’s tears

Mingled with mine

It could hardly be more triste


Monsoon Plans - HERD Organic Farms

June to September, when hopefully the monsoons would be in full vigor, HERD Organic Farms will make certain activities a priority work-area for the team working on it. 526 more words

Development Perspectives

The Weirdness that is The White Temple - Day 233 - 8 September

After last night’s excesses we both woke up feeling just a tiny bit groggy. My bad feelings soon evaporated though after we had chowed down on a very excellent portion of breakfast noodles at the little place we had found just round the corner from our hotel. 1,515 more words