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Big Sister, the Advocate

Today I had the honor of watching Jaylen give a presentation to her 5th grade class about Down Syndrome.  I was so proud of her, helping spread awareness and acceptance to one day make the world a better place for her baby sister. 209 more words

What I Love About SEN school.

I have noticed that there are some very negative perceptions about Special (SEN) School among some parents in the Down’s syndrome community. Inclusion in mainstream is held up as the gold standard; having your child end up in a SEN school is seen as Failure; I have seen parents become bitterly disillusioned when it becomes apparent that their childs needs can really only be met at a Special school, and this saddens me. 1,021 more words

Our Babies are Endangered to!

I think we can all agree that the growing list of animals facing extinction is devastating to our world. Many animals are facing their end because of humans, because of poaching, pollution and the destruction of their homes. 1,443 more words

Down Syndrome

Book Review -The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Book Review: The Memory Keepers Daughter – Kim Edwards

The ‘chief tester’ and I have snuck away for a few days R & R to a rented beach house on the Coromandel. 767 more words


Making Friends

Just a few weeks ago we took our family to Disneyland, Paris. The culmination of years of dreaming and pleading from our eldest child, and a venture into the unknown for Hazel. 811 more words

Down Syndrome

A Life After 'A World without Down's Syndrome?'

There has been such an amazing response since the documentary ‘A World without Down’s Syndrome’ was aired. I couldn’t be happier that people are finally talking, debating and that our children are finally being heard. 915 more words

Down Syndrome

Living with Down Syndrome in Tanzania

Having a child with Down syndrome in the UK is tough. I don’t mean that life is tough because of the child, I mean because of the constant fight to get them what they need and deserve. 853 more words

Down Syndrome