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Now, I like a birthday party as much as the next person (so long as it’s not mine, that is, I can’t handle all that hostess pressure, that will-they won’t-they turn up/get on/bring a bottle business); I’ll happily stand about for a couple of hours finishing up the egg sandwiches and cheesy pineapple cocktail sticks, picking over the Wotsits and Monster Munches with the best of them, but there is one thing I am glad to see the back of.  876 more words



This is a story about a young boy who could hear animals talk…….

” Hi there, I’m Anna, I know you can hear me, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you, and even if I wanted to, these glass walls are almost impossible to break through. 1,169 more words


Does size matter?

So, people are always interested in your child’s age for some reason. It’s the height of small talk and will inevitably lead to some comment on size and developmental milestones (“Is she walking?” Etc). 491 more words

Down's Syndrome

Aim of the game 

Today I am attending a Mothers Meeting (http://mothers-meeting.com). I got my ticket after a friend vaguely explained the event to me and said I had to go as she is on holiday and can’t make it. 564 more words

Down's Syndrome

Introducing Natty...

You must be sick of hearing me harp on about my new book ‘Who’s Not In School?’ so I’m going to talk about someone else’s. 289 more words

The World I See, Thu., 5/28/15

After an energetic P.E. I was wiped for recess. Toward the end the heat and energy expenditure just took their toll and I sat down on a wheeled office chair. 54 more words

The World I See, Wed., 5/27/15

The sky in a lens. My students, all are low cognitive, mostly non-verbal, either on the Autism spectrum or have Down’s Syndrome love to play with their reflection in my sunglasses on sunny days. 76 more words