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I suppose boys will be boys (regardless of the number of chromosomes they have).

Freddie loves his new camera. So much so that he took it with him when he went to the toilet. 69 more words

Im Still here!

Hey everyone!  Life seemed to become very crazy all around me these past few weeks, so its been difficult to sit and focus.  Jana is doing amazing!  316 more words

Down's Syndrome


I didn’t know that those with Down’s Syndrome have reduced visual acuity, even when wearing correctly prescribed spectacles. He’s seen at the Ophthalmology Clinic regularly, and is also checked by an Optometrist at school – but neither of them has ever mentioned this to me. 23 more words


Happy seventh birthday, Freddie! I don’t know why but seven has always had a talismanic feel about it. And now, suddenly, here we are.

He has just discovered these little characters, and really likes them, just like mummy did, way back in the (very) early seventies. 287 more words

Downs Syndrome Result

I am ever so sorry that i haven’t updated the site for about one to two weeks now but i have been really busy with the house and the pregnancy. 68 more words

Featuring Down's Syndrome doesn't have to be a Catastrophe (har de har har)

This week I watched the Channel 4 comedy, Catastrophe. I’m behind on most things that air after 9pm, so thank the modern world for catch up. 784 more words

Down's Syndrome

No Limits on Who Can Compete in Weightlifting

Part of the purpose of this blog, in addition to encouraging older people to participate in some sort of physical exercise, is to dispel myths about who can and can’t lift weights and become strong. 193 more words