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18th June 2018 -- Other Women's Business: Prenatal Screening and 'A Woman's Right to Choose'.

Wales has recently become the first country in the UK to introduce Non-invasive Prenatal Testing on the NHS. In the wake of this ITV Wales aired a programme entitled ‘The End of Down’s Syndrome’, which examined what life is like with Down’s Syndrome, and on the concerns expressed by many parents of children with Down’s Syndrome that this screening will lead to an increased rate of terminations of babies with DS. 1,852 more words

Animals, Boats & Sunshine!

I was on Facebook the other day and I got a notification, from EVIL PEOPLE, that Christmas is just 28 weeks away. This year seems to be going by quite quickly. 995 more words


When I was a little girl I got involved in stuff a lot. I wouldn’t say that I was a joiner-in particularly, but when I look back, and count up the activities I did as a young person, it comes to quite a lot, especially when you consider I grew up in a Devon valley ten miles away from anywhere. 971 more words


Swimming Lesson Dilemma: A Firefly Communitypost.

Freddie needs to learn to swim – but before we could dig out the big orange armbands, I had a difficult decision to make.

Read about our swimming lesson dilemma, and how we solved it on the Firefly Community website: 7 more words

Tubie, or not Tubie: that is the question!

When I left you last I was about to run a half marathon.  Well that was six weeks ago.  Doesn’t time fly when you are running around like a blue arsed fly all the time?   2,150 more words


What Being A Parent-carer Means To Me: A Firefly Community post.

It’s Carer’s Week.

My life as a parent-carer is rather different to that of most parents of typically-developing children. At the moment Freddie requires significantly more help with the tasks of everyday life than a typically-developing 9/10 year-old. 77 more words

Auggie and the Little People

Auggie was the eighth child born to Louis and Lois Turner in 1926. He came into the world in the same family farmhouse as his brothers and sisters. 1,023 more words

Flash Fiction