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Audrey is 3!

Oops. Audrey turned 3 and I forgot to blog about it. Such is the foggy brain of a sleep-deprived mother of two.

She has had several rounds of “Happy birthday”, at home, Whoopsadaisy, nursery, over the phone from Nanny, at her picnic party in the park… So the happy birthday song has joined her repartoire and I hear it at least once a day. 71 more words

Down's Syndrome

Who needs sleep anyway?! Umm..I do!!

Ya’ll know that we have been struggling with getting Jana to sleep.  Last week we had one special “unicorn night” (It was a magical night where she slept a full 7 hours! 445 more words

The cot

So Theo is nearly 4 months old corrected. He’s thriving, growing, sleeping and feeding well, smiling, cooing and, of course, pooing! Tonight we put the cot up and moved him over from his moses basket to this massive hulk of a thing. 326 more words

Early Days

A Gut Reaction ...

The first thing I read this morning was the news from Japan of an attack on a centre for the disabled, which has left nineteen dead. 217 more words

School Report.

It’s that time of year again – school report time. With my older children, I always joked that I would go through the report with my red editing pen, pick out all the typos and grammatical errors, and send it back marked out of ten. 332 more words

Brexit & abuse


Ok so I wasn’t going to do this blog post, I was going to file it secretly away inside my notes. But then I see comments carrying on and I can’t leave this unsaid anymore. 833 more words

Down's Syndrome