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I remember having a conversation (yeah, I know, crazy since I can hardly recall breakfast) with a fellow here in Kuala Lumpur. He is a wonderful, giving young man and had been doing a lot of work for and with the Rohingya refugees. 452 more words


Odd socks ...

I’ve got odd socks on today.

I did notice as I put them on, but they were very nearly the same colour and I made a conscious decision to not change them. 110 more words


Sentimental nonsense

I have a tendency to hoard stuff, often through sentimental attachments. I love to reminisce, I love to cling to the past and I revel in a bit of reliving moments, even sad ones. 506 more words

Down's Syndrome

"Republicans Find Their Next Anti-Choice Innovation": Coming Up With New Ways To Restrict Abortion Rights; The Government Decides

If you’re looking for true Republican policy innovations, don’t bother with tax policy or national security; the place where the GOP is really exercising its creativity is in coming up with new ways to restrict abortion rights. 762 more words


Tennis great, Martina Navratilova, is upset with pro life legislation

By Tom Quiner

Tennis legend, Martin Navratilova, tweeted the following:

“Ohio Bill Would Ban Abortion if Down Syndrome Is Reason, – apparently Roe v Wade doesn’t apply in Ohio?!?”

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Please Stop Pretending and Just Face It: There’s Nothing ‘Special’ About Special Needs!

Original post from Productive Muslim

‘…………..By Lilly S. Mohsen

I’m not a writer or a psychologist or the ‘happy girl’ most people know me as. Today I’m just a defeated mother who is tired of pretending she’s strong enough to handle this challenge. 2,062 more words


Growing Up

The first time I slept in a tent I must have been about eight or nine years old.  Up until that night, my main experience had been under a very thick green triangular canvas held up with red-and-white survey poles.  1,234 more words