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The things you don’t say

I’ve been a very busy girl lately (no change there, then, I hear you cry), much to the detriment of this blog and, no doubt, my family life, as much of my activity has been to do with work (a girl has to live, after all) rather than running around after the kids (something I fully intend to do this weekend, starting tomorrow). 645 more words


It’s been a day of wrapping and baking, in preparation for Freddie’s birthday tomorrow. Yes, I’ve got him a ‘proper’ birthday cake from a shop, but I wanted some egg-and-lactose-free ones too, so that mummy could have done cake too. 503 more words

A hamper full of hello

I have recently joined a Down Syndrome Bloggers Network group who have decided to link up together writing to a monthly prompt.  In honour of the American members of the network and their national Thanksgiving holiday this week the first theme is “thankful”. 896 more words

Down's Syndrome

Applied assumptions get me cross

Our grandson Alfie is with us today and tonight. We have the gift of love amongst us today! We have heard “they are so loving” so many times from those who know about “Downs”.  11 more words


Playing Games

Playing games. A Christmas tradition for many. Families bonding or, more likely arguing, over a round of Trivial Pursuit.  It’s a common scene played out across many a coffee table in the UK over the festive season. 912 more words

Down Syndrome

The talking watch

My dad loves to give gifts. When he was a boy, family tradition says that one of his uncles (he had many uncles, but no cousins) used to have everyone over for Christmas dinner and enjoy himself, as host, by, every so often, appearing with another gift, much to everyone’s delight (in particular, my dad). 809 more words