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Discretion, Discrimination, and the Death Sentence.

The Royal College of Midwives recently announced their support for a campaign run by abortion provider the BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) calling for the legalisation of abortion up to birth for ANY reason. 677 more words

Butterflies and the story of Evi (The Magic in a Wish). Part 1

Once a pone a time there was a woman named Ella who had two beautiful sons named Holden and Otto. They were so handsome and so smart that anyone who met them would tell the woman how handsome and smart they are. 1,038 more words

The Important Things In Life

In reality, it's never what you imagine it is going to be.....

So I suppose when you fall into a new relationship, head long and spouting passion, brimful of all the fizzing delights that make the sunshine brighter and the long nights lonelier and all that bollocks that really IS bollocks until it happens to you, and then you find yourself whimsically looking off into the distance or giggling to yourself in the queue at Tesco like a twat – when you fall into the relationship you can only see the heavens and the hell’s are yet to exist, they cannot possibly exist in this rampant state of happiness and joy…….right? 927 more words


Four Days, Four Nights.

Daddy and I don’t get much time to ourselves as a couple.

Babysitters are thin on the ground — our parents are elderly; looking after a one-man cartload of monkeys like Freddie, who requires as much supervision as a toddler, is exhausting for them.

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Heart and Sold.

We took Freddie to an art exhibition the other day. We saw works in widely differing styles, and there was some photography too, but they all had one thing in common — they displayed the arrestingly original viewpoint offered by an unrestricted eye. 363 more words


I’m thankful for my Down Syndrome’s daughter’s first 44 years. A humane society made her transition into adulthood relatively painless.  During the dawn of the one-percenters, however, that care is insidiously being compromised.   174 more words

Down's Syndrome

Friends fight school for boy with Down Syndrome

I think it’s my biggest fear.  That Jana will attend school one day and the kids will not accept her.  All we hear about are school bully’s and how horrible kids with disabilities are treated.  230 more words