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Life Hacks #2: Downsize

Stuff comes with stress attached.  The more stuff, the more stress.  It’s an unfortunate by-product of the American Dream.  Our garages and basements are full of stress, the overflow of our lives of excess. 309 more words

Life On The Road

Disappointing lunch

Wanted to have a good lunch before lectures on a Sunday. Decided to revisit a place which had very good tendon. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed with the way things have changed. 98 more words


Downsizing: #5 A Decluttered Life

“The word “downsizing” makes some people nervous. It sounds like a euphemism for decline: former bankers living in caravans; people selling up in Chelsea and moving to Croatia.

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Philosophy & Psychology

Grandad’s Onions!

My Grandad knew his onions! My earliest childhood memory is of going to his allotment in the small Cumbrian village of Haverigg as a 5 year old and being surrounded by peas, beans, leeks, ……. 717 more words


Downsizing in the Cotswolds: #4 Decluttering & Minimalism

“There is something to be said for the Zen concept of minimalism. We are not the things we possess, though often they possess us. Letting go of clutter, even if sentiment and nostalgia is attached, can be more satisfying than holding on to things to be enjoyed briefly from time to time.”

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Philosophy & Psychology

Waving the Minimalist Flag

Friday, July 17, 2015

The virtue of distinguishing the difference between necessaries and accessories has developed on this little Peruvian trek. For my summer here, I packed one backpack of necessary items. 623 more words

Small Space Living – Organization is a must

When you live full-time in an RV, or even just enjoy the occasional getaway, you understand the importance of organization.  When living in such a small space, organization is not only a desire it’s a must!  426 more words