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How to: make decluttering your new hobby

declutter /diːˈklʌtə/ [verb]:
remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)

Decluttering. It’s one of those terms that we’ve all read or heard about.

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The Great Spring Clean of 2018: Part 1

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Ah the Great Spring Clean of 2018.

At least the calendar tells me it’s spring. 387 more words


Minimalist Confessions

My fellow Minimalists- I am here for confession.  I have sinned against all tenants of Minimalism- Behold, my shower stall.  How many adults do you think live here?  298 more words


Meet Lucy...

Lucy is a 1922 Singer model 66 treadle sewing machine with a back clamp – unusual as most are a side clamp for the foot. She sews like, pardon the pun, a well oiled machine. 411 more words


Decluttering part 3: Kids room and clothing

On the back of the relative successes and highs of decluttering my own wardrobe and belongings, I decided to have a crack at the girls shared bedroom and closet. 637 more words

Simple Living

The Art Of Minimalism

As promised, following this past Monday’s post, ‘Lighten Your Load & Pack Less!’ I’d like to dive in deeper to the conversation around how the practice of minimizing the amount of possessions you have can help clear space within yourself; at the same time understanding that in order to master the art of minimalism you first need to clear up space internally. 1,326 more words


That midway start.

It should be noted that I’m not the most eloquent writer, I use “I” far too much. Elipsises…I love them. My sentences begin with conjugations far too often, commas are overused, and loved, I’ll use semi-colons incorrectly. 633 more words