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Finite: “I get it now; I didn't get it then. That life is about losing and about doing it as gracefully as possible...and enjoying everything in between.” ― Mia Farrow

via Daily Prompt: Finite

For the first 50+ years of our lives (my husband and I), the word “finite” was permanently replaced with its antonym.  We ate, shopped and lived every day as if tomorrow was guaranteed and provided not a single worry.   770 more words


The Glue that Binds...

I contacted a charity last week about giving up my extra scrapbooking stuff.  I went through every scrapbook item I had and collected an entire box of stuff.   606 more words


7 Things To Do Before Moving to Hawaii

by Brenda Williams

One day my husband surprised me with a casual,  “Hey, how about we spend 3 months on Maui?”  The bags were packed the next day. 

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Sorting it Out

I hope that you took some time to get to know yourself. It is amazing how freeing it can be. Today I want to take a small look at what I found out – and what my next steps were in determining not only who I am, but where I want to be. 970 more words


Life's Little Blessings...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with my grandson Joey.  Joey is a completely different animal than most three-year-olds.  He has siblings that are older and he learns a lot from them.   329 more words

4 Ways to Downsize Your Music Rig

We as musicians can have so much gear, and there’s always another incredible sales event to help feed our addiction for more. I had a wishlist a mile long for so many new guitars, pedals, amps, anything that’ll help me get… 865 more words


Top Reasons to Move . . . or NOT

Although there are many reasons why making a move makes logical, rational sense in many circumstances, there are many reasons why older adults hit roadblocks when considering the possibility. 350 more words