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Part II: What it takes to downsize

Deciding to actually buy a very small house for our family of four was the first half of the marathon….actually downsizing and relocating was the second half.   2,311 more words

Hood River

The Professional Guest: Madame Georgette

This past week was kind of a tough go for me. I seem to live life on the edge. Most of the time, I have a penchant for getting myself into trouble (“Habit rules the unreflecting herd”—William Wordsworth”)—and then having to backpedal and so it goes. 502 more words

{Purposeful} Downsizing of Clothes

According to a Forbes.com post, in the 1930’s the average American woman owned nine different outfits.  Today that number has jumped to 30 outfits.  Reading that made me wonder if I could survive with only 9 outfits, or at the very least, less than 14 or two weeks worth?  888 more words


Can't Wait to Go Big AND Go Home

As an introduction, we are Mike and Dawn.  We are two avid RVers from Jacksonville, Florida, and we’ve made a very big decision to move out of our sticks and bricks home and hit the road full time in our RV.   819 more words


Boomerville, our first !

We have a Bucket List of things that we want to do while traveling and the Quartzsite RV and Tent Show was on that list. It is a group of mostly senior citizens rving around the country who stop in Quartzsite as if it were a Woodstock week-long event.   708 more words

Ah, Winter

This year has had one of the strangest winters I’ve experienced. Here we are, mid February, and the grass is coming up green! We shouldn’t even have grass visible!! 947 more words

Snow days...

We had a beautiful snow storm this morning…

It meant a snow day for the school kids.  Our youngest son left home 8 years ago, but I remember the excitement of those white and gray mornings. 124 more words