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Shrinkflation or what?

When I was young cans of veggies and fruits came in 25 ounce cans.  Then the cans shrank to 20 ounce size.  Still later to 15 and I believe a few  were reduced to 10 ounce size. 593 more words


What Shall I Bring?!

Reality is hitting me HARD this week.

This is real.

We are leaving….


Big Daddy D has a job transfer happening the first week in August of this year. 325 more words


21 Day Declutter Challenge - Day 12

i just spent the last ten minutes trying to come up with a good enough excuse to not do my update for the day. I’m at that ‘on the verge of quitting’ point. 102 more words

5 Signs It's Time to Sell Your House

The thought is beginning to percolate in your mind that it might be a good time to sell your house.  Is it something worth giving serious thought to or just a passing fancy?   378 more words

Real Estate

Changing the Home Game by Patrice Horner

By Patrice Horner

As years go by, sometimes the old home seems quiet and you feel like your knocking around in an empty box. Instead of outgrowing your home, it may be that you should start thinking about shrinking your accommodations. 335 more words

Quality Of Life

The Flip-Side


There is a flip-side to the clutter issue. This was something that I read about and I believe I heard of on the news around 6 or 7 years ago when I last moved. 565 more words


A Hostage to Sentiment

I’m being held captive, on memory lane. It’s a sweet captivity, in many ways, the bonds of fond reminiscences, but I’m shackled nonetheless.

Like so many of you, I am in spring-cleaning mode. 988 more words

At Home In Upstate New York