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1700 sq.ft. to 180sq. ft.!

Where we came from 1700sq.ft.

Minimalist, tiny house, tiny living, low impact, small footprint….. the list goes on of buzz words surrounding downsizing to a smaller living space and decreasing ones possessions. 724 more words


I want to be free!

My exciting tiny house journey begins here. And it’s a bit daunting. The only people I’ve told are my daughter and you. Oh and the people at the planning department (although the man I spoke to went silent when I mentioned tiny houses – he’d never heard of them!) I already have my heavily mortgaged house up for sale, with two viewings so far and I’m dreaming of a mortgage free life, with less working hours and more time to be creative. 282 more words

Tiny House

Tiny living

Working and living in small apartment
The stereo system and the computer are hidden in the kitchen cabinets, and the subwoofer is in the couch. Only the TV set can be seen.

tv to computer combo

Loft Living

Light at the end of a layoff - 5 life lessons learned

Have you ever experienced a layoff? Did it make you stronger? Sometimes, it can help to hear what others have gone through to know that you are not alone. 1,138 more words

Job Search

Fox News Video on Reverse Mortgage

Fox News Video on Reverse Mortgage  

Bob Massi has a great video segment on reverse mortgages. Love the phrase one of the borrowers who was interview used “you don’t lose the house, you use the house” for tax free cash flow.   43 more words

Reverse Mortgages


Why do I want to downsize?

Well, let me share a little about myself. I will be 30 in October, I will be finishing my master’s degree in December (as long as I pass my exams *insert appropriate terrified emoji face*), and the world will then be MINE! 561 more words