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Tiny Home Plans? 5 Tips for Downsizing

Whether you wish to reduce your impact on the environment or just want to live a simpler life, downsizing may be the next big step to reaching your tiny home plans. 413 more words

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Μια ομάδα Νορβηγών επιστημόνων ανακαλύπτει τρόπο σμίκρυνσης των ανθρώπων, προκειμένου να σωθεί ο πλανήτης από τον υπερπληθυσμό και το φαινόμενο του θερμοκηπίου. Σιγά σιγά οργανώνεται η πρώτη κοινότητα “μικρών” ανθρώπων στη Νορβηγία και όταν ανακοινώνεται αυτή η επιστημονική αποκάλυψη στον υπόλοιπο κόσμο, αρχίζουν οι διαδικασίες δημιουργίας μιας αντίστοιχης κοινότητας και στην Αμερική.


Downsizing to a smaller home or space?

I attended a downsizing funshop at the Women In Ag Conference this last February. The speaker owns a business where she helps people move to smaller spaces…. 420 more words


Decluttering Your Fantasy Life

You might remember that I’ve been taking stock of my possessions recently. I’ve given away and decluttered some things, but mostly I’ve focused on not bringing in new stuff that I don’t really love or have a specific need for. 559 more words


Purge Yes....Minimalist....Probably Not.....

Today for some unknown reason I needed to clean and purge the kitchen. It took most of the day but I took everything out of every cupboard or shelf, wiped it down, and decided what went back. 576 more words


The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Fear, Excitement, Apprehension, Guilt.

I literally can feel all these things right now, as I write.

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Downsizing (2017)

I always strive to watch new films as they come out, this was half that and half genuine interest. The story isn’t something I have seen done before, I feel it has potential to make big waves. 319 more words