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Ah, Winter

This year has had one of the strangest winters I’ve experienced. Here we are, mid February, and the grass is coming up green! We shouldn’t even have grass visible!! 947 more words

Snow days...

We had a beautiful snow storm this morning…

It meant a snow day for the school kids.  Our youngest son left home 8 years ago, but I remember the excitement of those white and gray mornings. 124 more words


Do you have to be so nice to me?

I think I may have mentioned that I’ve decided to move house this year. I have moved house solo several times before and, although I found it stressful, part of me really enjoyed it. 766 more words

The Rattle Bag

The Complexities of Simplifying

I started down this bumpy road to simplicity because I just wanted to catch up. To get control of my environment. To make room in my life to breathe. 957 more words

Simple Living

Are we changing how and where we want to live?

By Bob Lowry

The Phoenix metropolitan area is where the first retirement community was built. On January 1, 1960 Del Webb opened Sun City and that model for the 55+ community has continued to this day. 836 more words

Retirement Life

2 years of real-world OGO Carshare usage data

We don’t own a car and we live in an ostensibly small Canadian city (about 150K) and have two small children (6 and 4). Needless to say, we are pretty heavy users of our local… 133 more words



This is the stuff that tries anyone’s patience.  What to keep; what to let go of.  You can have a garage sale, but then what?  Oh my!  17 more words