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RM Thought of a few weeks ago - Release failure

RM Thought of a few weeks ago – Release failure

The team responsible for making Production changes to the NYSE computer systems scheduled an update for Tuesday night the 7th of July. 352 more words


Planned - Disruption to Services from School Networks - Wednesday 5th August 2015, 10am - 11am

We are carrying out an essential upgrade to the education broadband DNS service. This may cause disruption when attempting to access services such as: SLP; Outlook and somerset.sch.uk sites. 33 more words


Một cách tận dụng thời gian rảnh: Học qua podcast

Michael Simmons

Bạn đã bao giờ nghĩ đến cách tận dụng thời gian rảnh này chưa? 966 more words


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How a Website Monitoring Service Tell About Website Downtime

When you signed up for your current hosting plan, you were probably promised or even guaranteed a certain amount of up-time, such as 99 percent or 99.9 percent, giving you the confidence that your website would almost always be up and available whenever your customers wanted access to it. 550 more words

Summer nothing? Yes!

It’s different these days that time we call Summer.

The anticipation of it can be felt long before it hits. But it isn’t the same kind as it was when I was child. 322 more words


The Great Barrier Reef

Another week, and another awesome adventure. This time underwater!

Last week, we left Darwin and sailed across the top of Australia, and then down through the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) to Cairns. 475 more words



Finally got my a*se down for the long due visit to the doctor for my shoulder.

Good or bad? I could only say I have plans not go for the arranged appointment with the specialist. 227 more words