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Mission Log #0008 // Pollen Crash

I lost control of my character since my last #MissionLog entry.

I regained control this afternoon, and am trying to assess the situation.

Here’s how it happened. 457 more words

Mission Log

Is my app/cell/cable provider down?

Here’s a great little website you can check when you’re having problems accessing your favorite app, your cell phone doesn’t work, or your cable is down to find out if it’s just you or a system-wide problem. 7 more words


Week one

I had to start my first week of a month without, a day early because I did not have use of my car so I had to go do my weekly food shopping a day early. 397 more words

Visions of Earth, pictures from @NatGeo

A breath-taking collection of images from National Geographic.

My favourites include the raccoon ambush, the butterflies, the polar bear, frosty trees and red fox. How many favourites am I allowed? 6 more words


'Only in Kenya (forget Norway)'

Have you heard this song? Everytime i mention Kenya to a friend of mine he sings this song about lions and tigers in Kenya. I’d never heard of it but now i sing it everytime it gets mentioned. 299 more words


A Day everyday

We can hardly keep up! Today is Roald Dahl Day and International Chocolate Day, if you please.

Here in the Wodehouse Library not a square of chocolate has passed our lips and not one of us has owned up to preferring… 71 more words


Do you even podcast bro?

I spend a fair bit of time in a car and as much as I love my music, I have begun to enjoy listening to people talking on some long journeys. 480 more words