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The Coincidence of Coconut Cake

I recently finished a really good read entitled “The Coincidence of Coconut Cake”. A struggling chef, Lou (a girl) Johnson, fights the good fight to make her restaurant a success sees it just within reach when catastrophe happens thanks to a poorly timed visit from a food critic who’s known for his blistering reviews. 340 more words

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Peter Blegvad - White

One of the more leftfield-leaning tracks from Blegvad’s 1988 album ‘Downtime’, which was a singer-songwriter affair by the man from Slapp Happy.



Haven’t felt well since I got home. Turned out I had the flu and a sinus infection! So I didn’t get to go to work, but still managed to draw a little. 35 more words

Summer Fallow

Back in the Fall, I did an interview for Kollabora’s Meet The Maker series. One of the questions was how do I get out of a creative rut, which I found funny because I never run out of ideas. 399 more words

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Gone, Gone, Gone (Preplanned Absences in Gaming, PaizoCon Countdown: 7)

People who are lucky enough to have regular gaming campaigns are often faced with a unique challenge during a Convention trip: Missing scheduled games. While it would be ideal to get an entire gaming group to attend a convention this can result in traveling somewhere to game with the same people you game with normally (still fun). 628 more words

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Возможные проблемы с БД

Проект исчерпал бесплатный лимит базы данных MongoLab. Сейчас я попробую сжать базу и почистить ее от наиболее бессмысленных карт. В течение какого-то времени сервис может работать с ошибками.

UPD: удалил с полсотни карт с ошибками и просто бессмысленных, на какое-то время хватит. Но надо искать нормальное решение. Наверное придется автоматически удалять карты старше недели. Ну или пожертвования собирать.

UPD #2: база очищена целиком, удалены карты которым больше недели и которые либо не посчитались, не валидны, либо слишком примитивны. Такая чистка теперь будет проводиться ежедневно.

За нормальные карты (которые успешно посчитались, при этом на них есть более 2 генераторов и более 2 прочих объектов) пока можно не бояться, они в базе останутся.


What I've worked on in my Downtime

With so much unstructured free time I am making the best of it by trying new things but also attending to the activities I always enjoy! 268 more words