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Hell hath no fury.....

I had a couple of days where the body had just decided to give up. Even the eye lashes were hurting and I was quite frankly pathetic. 323 more words

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Alexa controls the Cloud. Awesome, but...

I watched this video from Matt Dreyer’s presentation in AWS re:Invent 2016, and then I saw¬†“The Arrival“, a film by Denis Villeneuve. 888 more words


The important thing we forget in the rush to achieve

I should remember the following gems in the article I found in the following tweet.

"If I could offer one piece of advice to incoming freshman, it would be to learn to take care of themselves"… …

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I had a really relaxed Sunday yesterday, It was so nice and SO required. I didn’t leave the house once and enjoyed every second of it. 320 more words


Down time / relaxation - crucial for well being

People with autistic spectrum conditions often experience high levels of stress and anxiety, these can build up during the school day. This stress build up can have a detrimental effect on the well Рbeing of learners, leading to a difficulty in engaging in lessons and an increase in behaviours that can be challenging for the rest of the class. 657 more words


After two weeks of intensive writing, I completed the rewrite of the script that has been occupying my every waking hour of late. Now it feels strange to get on the bus and not immediately bury myself in scene notes and plot structure and character arcs. 298 more words

Apropos Nothing