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REALISTIC Things To Do During your Downtime This Summer!

Youtube and Netflix is always the right answer, right? I mean, yea. It pretty much is. The problem is when you just start getting too much of it, and the guilt of neglecting reality sets in. 1,435 more words


Real Simple June 2018

Books to Check Out

  • Tell the Machine Goodnight by Katie Williams
  • Alone Time by Stephanie Rosenbloom
  • A Place for Us by Fatima Mirza
  • The Art of Gathering: How we meet and why it matters by Priya Parker…
  • 157 more words

Some Lists

Dear Blog,

Decided I should start blogging again, but possibly use it more as a journal and a personal notebook. I’m not going to try and explain my life from my last post until now – if I tried that, I think that I would get overwhelmed and just not ever do it. 899 more words


I hate the heat.

As Reddit is the only site I use often enough to distract me from other things, I once again filtered it to only weekend use. 9 more words


I Need A Foot Massage

It’s 6:59 pm and I promised myself that I would complete a blog post before bed tonight. To be clear, I’ve made this promise to myself every day since Sunday.  451 more words


In praise of lazy parenting days...

Most days I’m that mom with the schedule. The one who is timing how much television my kid watches so it doesn’t exceed two hours. We eat healthy meals and we play outside. 316 more words


Coming to the end of Ymlaen!: Reflecting on my six month placement at Rabble Studio (Ymlaen Week 22)

I am coming to the end of my Ymlaen placement and it’s very sad and emotional, folks! If there’s one thing I’m taking away from the experience, it’s how at home Rabble makes everyone feel. 928 more words