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Downton Abbey NYC Exhibition

If you loved PBS’s Downton Abbey series and really miss it like I do . . . good news.  The Downton Abbey Exhibition in New York City is extended until September 3rd, 2018. 13 more words


Fighting with myself and Christmas specials

I fought with myself so badly about going to the gym today. We didn’t have dance practice, coz N had a dinner thing with a few of his workmates tonight. 237 more words


Slight changes

I was feeling a tad indulgent this morning, so I went and had a traditional Singaporean breakfast after taking Kitty to the vet. It’s not the healthiest of breakfasts (a very sweet coffee, and the toast is slathered with butter and kaya toast – basically fat and sugar 😆 but the eggs were probably ok…), but I figured that we just finished a comp, and the next one is in a few weeks, so I can afford to indulge a little 😊 291 more words


Going into autopilot; getting too complacent

I went to Liang Court this morning, to go and pick up some Japanese groceries at Meidiya, the Japanese supermarket here. I forget how awesome this supermarket is! 360 more words


A perfect, ordinary Tuesday

I started reading a new book: Friend Request by Laura Marshall. It’s a mystery novel, a genre that I enjoy reading. I didn’t want to start it while N was away, coz I knew I’d get freaked out and I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep. 325 more words


An American's first time in London

For my 30th birthday I headed to London for the first time. Aside from cruising to the Bahamas, I had never been outside of the U.S. 1,196 more words


My Roommate The Television

When my husband died I don’t know how I would have made it through the days without  television. There was  the news, the latest events from around the world, movies, ads, game shows but I heard none of it. 328 more words

Living Longer