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Caitlyn and Erica Graduate from UGA

Congratulations to these sweet sisters, Caitlyn and Erica, who both just graduated from UGA! Erica graduated with her BSA in Agriculture Education and Caitlyn graduated with her MS in Animal Science. 77 more words

Athens, GA

Spring Time, We Time

Now that the sun is out, the birds are chirping and the pollen count is rising here are our suggestions for things to do in Athens: 40 more words


Commission Considering Expansion of Drinking Freedoms in Athens

By Luke Dixon

Drinking alcohol in Athens could become less restrictive in the near future, at least the area where you are permitted to do so. 1,366 more words


Preserving the Classic City

By Audrey Milam

Sean Hogan of Hogan Builders ruffled some feathers at the March meeting of the Historic Preservation Commission when, in his construction application for 380 Boulevard, he requested some alternatives to the pre-approved siding and windows. 592 more words


Celebrity Farmer: Nathan Brett finds fame at Athens Farmers Market

By Lauren McDonald

A young farmer discovered last month at the Georgia Organics Conference that his farm has formed a reputation among Georgia farmers.

“They would ask me, ‘What does your farm do?’” said Nathan Brett, owner of DaySpring Farms. 856 more words


The rise of Epps Bridge Shopping Centre: What it means for Athens economy

By Hutch Roper

Lifetime Oconee resident, Ashton Lewis, remembers when Epps Bridge Parkway in Oconee County was little more than dairy pastures and wetlands.

“I’ve lived in Tanglebrook (a neighborhood adjacent to Epps Bridge) for over twenty years, I’ve pretty much seen the entire place develop right in front of my eyes,” Lewis said. 898 more words