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At The Ohio Police & Fire Memorial Park

There are lots of parks tucked here and there in downtown Columbus.  One of the least visited ones is the Ohio Police & Fire Memorial Park, located at the corner of South Third and East Town streets.   41 more words


First Concert At The Commons

Walking home tonight on a fine evening — at least until the rains are supposed to come later on — the music started pumping as I approached Columbus Commons.   80 more words


Old-School Sign

Every morning I walk past the Columbus Dispatch building on Third, and every night I see it again as I walk home from work. I like the news crawl, which gives me a taste of the latest developments in the world, but I especially like the neon sign that sits atop the building. 57 more words


The Surreal World We Live In, as Captured by The Brownie in Motion

by Brittany Law

I’m not an artist. I can’t even take a decent picture for Instagram. I am clueless about photography, but as a writer I know a great deal about setting a scene, and Stephen Takacs’ … 530 more words


Welcome, Arnoldites!

Or perhaps it’s Arnoldians.  Or Arnoldavians.

Whatever!  This is the weekend when the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival — known to Columbus residents simply as The Arnold — comes to town, attracting tens of thousands of visitors.   137 more words


At Scioto Audubon Park

Today was one of those days where you just can’t stay inside.  Kasey and I both felt like exploring, so we set out for the Scioto Audubon Metro Park on the Whittier peninsula, just south of the Brewery District. 162 more words


Feeling The Bern In Columbus

As I walked home tonight, three Bernie Sanders volunteers were out at the corner of Third and Mound, hoping their handmade, glittery, disco sign and waving placards would provoke some honks from the departing downtown Columbus rush hour traffic.   51 more words