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Keemstar Drama Continues

YouTuber and #DramaAlert host Keemstar is under fire on all sides. Other YouTubers have come out to blast him, accusing him of putting out personal information, harassment, and otherwise general douche-bag behavior. 324 more words


Anonymous ‘Dox’ Trump with Already Public Data

Alleged private data on GOP frontrunner already released four months prior

By Mikael Thalen | Infowars.com

Members of the hacktivist group Anonymous released personal information allegedly belonging to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump Thursday as part of the ongoing #OpTrump campaign – The only problem, the data was already made public last year. 228 more words

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Doxing UNTVGaming, Bringing a Face to the Name...

A while ago a YouTube user by the name UNTVGaming posted a rather poorly created video on YouTube simply titled “TOTALBISCUIT GETS CANCER TOTALLY DESERVES IT| BATTLEFIELD 4” 367 more words


The Registered Voter Leak: Big Deal or No Big Deal?

This controversial op/ed analysis of the recent, and substantial, leak of registered voter information, comes to us from Dominick Bruno. It is his first contribution to The Cryptosphere, so let’s make him welcome. 827 more words


Word of the Day: 1/4/16 - 1/8/16

Good morning! This is the first full week of words for 2016, and to commemorate this new year Wordsmith has selected four words that have come into circulation within the past few decades. 625 more words

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~ salutations for daughter

dear pilot of my father’s animal

dear tree
the ahistoric

dear space

~ daughteresque

what would she ask
sadness… 92 more words