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Mace-Kingsley Will Get Rid Of Your Child's Monsters!

Hear that parents? Rejoice because Mace-Kingsley will now help your child get rid of their monsters (and replace them with new ones). And how will they do this? 68 more words


Midebeatz ft. DOX & J.Gordon – She’s A Star [DOWNLOAD]

“She’s A Star” is a contemporary House song off the “Make It Count” EP #MICtheEP by the talented upcoming producer Midebeatz who recently released “Alright”. It features DOX and J.Gordon. 22 more words


Race For LRH's Birthday!!!

Hey folks, are you ready to play the Ideal Org game?!? After all it’s only money and old Tubby Hubbard’s cakes don’t come cheap!

And gosh, look what the winning org gets. 37 more words


Relief: A Questionnaire, Installation at Dox (Praha)

The Mussolini Relief in Bolzano is the largest still-intact fascist monument in Italy and in 2011 the South Tyrol Provincial Government organized a competition in mitiga123 tion of the relevance of this structure in the context of a modern, multi-cultural South Tyrol. 88 more words


Social Justice, Fake Screenshots & Posting Personal Information

Before I begin (for the people in the back and those who won’t actually READ a post) THE 2ND TWEET (See 1st Screenshot) IS FAKE AND NOT REAL. 586 more words

More Child "Processing" With Mace-Kingsley

Wait until her sister says “COB is weird” or “I don’t like Scientology any more” and Scientology orders her to disconnect and never see her again. 10 more words