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Social Justice, Fake Screenshots & Posting Personal Information

Before I begin (for the people in the back and those who won’t actually READ a post) THE 2ND TWEET (See 1st Screenshot) IS FAKE AND NOT REAL. 586 more words

More Child "Processing" With Mace-Kingsley

Wait until her sister says “COB is weird” or “I don’t like Scientology any more” and Scientology orders her to disconnect and never see her again. 10 more words


Bridge Publications Surveying Scientologists About Jewelry

I received this curious email yesterday evening. For some reason Bridge Publications wants to know where Scientologists purchase their fine jewelry. The survey consists of the following 5 questions: 49 more words


Celebrity Centre Puts 85-Year-Old Through Purification Rundown

Celebrity Centre International in Los Angeles is actually promoting that they put an 85-year-old through the brutally rigorous and medically dangerous purification rundown. This program is very rough even on young adults and to put elderly people and children through it is medically unconscionable in my opinion.

127 more words

Twitter keeps Dick Costolo's promise with new anti-harassment tools

Dick Costolo wasn’t kidding when he said Twitter would better handle abuse in the future.

The company has introduced new features — one which allows its users to report when others are posting their personal information and another which requires trolls to verify their phone numbers or email addresses with the service — to address its harassment problem. 231 more words


Mace Kingsley Wants To Get Your Child On The Bridge!

Today’s children will become tomorrow’s Sea Org slaves

Mace Kingsley wants to get your kids on and up the bridge because it’s never too early to start indoctrinating people into the Scientology cult. 29 more words