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Mike dox

I don’t really have an opinion on this other than to say I’m not surprised, men are easy to ‘trick’/control if the woman puts out. 140 more words

On doxxing and reading comprehension...

Nothing good ever comes from a message at 1am. That’s when I woke up and found a note from a friend warning me that I’d been… 783 more words


I've Been Doxed, Please Help Me.

Originally posted on r/nosleep. Published on Creepy Catalog on November 15, 2016. 

There are a lot of things I regret in my life, things that were beyond my control that I am sure I brought on to myself. 1,250 more words

Michael Roberts Says He Enjoys Rape Fantasies

Michael Roberts likes to bully Fender customers.  His Reddit account giantfuckingbears also reveals that he likes participating in rape fantasies and giving it to women, “full on.”  When confronted by Fender’s legal team about his activity on Reddit, he lied to them, even though the account has since been proven to belong to him. 82 more words


About roastedbagel

roastedbagel is a Reddit mod, who for nine years, has attacked people, calling them mentally ill, telling them to “take their meds,” as a form of emotional abuse, when he doesn’t agree with them.  237 more words


Chimera ransomware keys leaked by rival malware developers

The operators behind the Petya and Mischa double-pack of ransomware trouble have been busy entrepreneurs this week, delivering a one-two punch to the competition.

One of those punches was to offer the two variants via Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) so that… 328 more words