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Candace Owens - Red Pill Black Is Exposed As A Doxer

The left was successful in eliminating the doxing website known as socialautopsy.com and stopped its founder Candace Owens from doing any harm. Unfortunately Candace is under a new name “Red Pill Black” and she has managed to trick unsuspecting conservatives into funding socialautopsy.com which will be launching very soon… 159 more words


Thin air

Recently, a friend of mine was dealing with some tricky custody situations including their child.  One of the parents decided to just up and leave the state of residence with the child.   149 more words

Antifas or Hot Air Balloon Fetishist?

You say you want a revolution, well you know, we all want to change the world. Just answer me this one question: why do you wear those adult diapers? 59 more words


You want to wave your Nazi flag?
You want to scream “Nigger” and “Fag”?
You were taught to fear the Jew.
Prepare to be brought into full ugly view. 154 more words


CNN and Ethics - Antonyms

Let there be no doubt – Trump is an asshole. The fact that he’s now the President of a country, that claims to be intellectually and technologically superior than any country in the world, boggles the mind. 648 more words