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Less Of A Grand Entrance: More Of An Understated One...

The Basilica of Saint Servatius in Maastricht  has an amazing and unusual entrance: it’s not like other cathedral entrances I’ve seen where the entrance is surrounded by majestic towers or a huge portiek, instead it’s like there is a rather nondescript extension to the building and then someone decided to add an over the top decorated doorway. 473 more words


Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Here is my response to this prompt at the WordPress Daily Post: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)


Dreams should not be taken literally — at least that is what I used to tell myself. 522 more words

On Being Human

Like most people I have dreams involving celebrities and strange happenings. In fact just yesterday I had a conversation with Richard Pryor in a dream about the hardships of life.  

381 more words

Nine Men Look Down From The Window Above: But They All Have Hearts Of Stone...

Following yesterday’s post, I’m looking around the Basilica of Saint Servatius and as usual I’m also zooming in on the architectural detail.

I adore beautiful carvings in stone so finding nine figures in just one window division is dreamy. 304 more words



WP designer Brie says get up close and personal with your subject this week.

Percebes at the Festa do Marisco de Vigo

Percebes are tube-shaped crustaceans that cling to the granite rocks of the storm-bashed Galician coastline. 182 more words


Swamp Night Delight

There was a shotgun in my left hand. I remember the weight of it keenly. I knew how to use it.

Which was odd, since I’ve never laid eyes on a gun before. 301 more words