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Naked with Black Socks

Naked with BlackĀ Socks

Are you comfortable in front of people, or does the idea of public speaking make you want to hide in the bathroom? 132 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green!

Interestingly green is not always green in Japan (and some countries). For instance, a green traffic signal is called blue one in Japanese not only because its color is sometimes close to blue but blue means green in some cases. 122 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Garden Green

Weekly Photo Challenge:Ā It Is Easy Being Green!Ā Ā DifferentĀ shades, textures, and forms of green from the garden.


WPC: It Is Easy Being Green

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

The future will either be green or not at all. ā€” Bob Brown… 28 more words


Rival Green

Dandy gentlemen
Make rivals green with envy
In their tux tailcoats 8 more words


The green green grass of home

Green is said to be theĀ colour of nature and health. It is associatedĀ with ecological movements, natural therapies,Ā life, Ā youth, money, hope…

It IS Easy Being Green… 213 more words


Flora and Fauna

DP Challenge: It’s Easy Being Green

Here is a pretty white egret, shown to advantage against the green of the tree.

Here is a showy green lizard, preening and displaying his bright red dewlap.

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