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What Is Marriage?

I met some of my new neighbors here in Maine over the weekend. One of them noticed the vase of flowers I was lugging and my wedding ring and asked if my wife was with me. 643 more words


I was planning the first birthday party of a friend’s daughter. Like any close friend, she confidently demands to have paper crowns included in the party favours for the children. 152 more words


In Memory Of...

Outside the Basilica of Saint Servatius on one side wall, is a memorial with many hundreds of names on it. It looks like a war memorial, but I didn’t get close enough to check it out properally because Himself was arriving with the car to pick me up and since there were no spare car parking spots available, he was going to have to double park whilst I got in as quickly as possible. 56 more words


Barn find

Weather worn, ancient
Old bones creaking, complaining
Winter winds blowing 19 more words


WPC - From Every Angle: Spiral Staircase

A few months back, we paid a visit to an old bungalow in Old Delhi, and I couldn’t take my camera off of this beautiful spiral staircase! 47 more words


Five Minute Friday -- Alone

The hours just don’t line up. Friday was a series of doctor appointments. Friday night was catching up on what should have been done Friday and getting ready to hit the road for the trip to Maine Saturday. 354 more words