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Minimal Signs

These past years if you may have experienced

  • Heartache
  • Heartbreak
  • Betrayal
  • Loss
  • Loneliness
  • Humiliation

Or said nothing when he told you that, “Because you’re a wife and a mother, you can’t…” 133 more words


Friendly Realities

Friendliest friends can gut you in the end

Reality says, there is no loyalty in this day

Instead our humanity has truly decayed

Everyone is entitled to his or her belief… 48 more words


WPC: Atop

Some places stretch the mind others inspire
the body to do more than we ever thought
we can
and when that place does both just ease… 181 more words


Great Pretenders Worthy To Be Praised

Perceived relations

Resemble complications

Etched without reason

Treated like out of season

Eagerly we run

Never finding the suns

Dawn pretense

Pretending has become a fact of everyday life. 140 more words


Mostly Monochrome Monday: Atop

A Part of Monochrome Monday
my second contribution to WPC:ATOP



Reassured caresses

Enhanced with finesse

Acknowledging her love-handles, while

Recharging his love paddles

Reality can be a blurred line

Against a notion so divine

Neck kisses so passionate… 218 more words