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美國PT執照 懶人包 #1 intro


Anyway, 之後會陸陸續續分享美國考PT執照相關的內容(一點點)與我的心得(垃圾話)





美國DPT分為兩種,entry level and post professional/transitional DPT
但是像我們這種大學就已經念PT的人,很多學校Entry level是不接受我們的申請的

entry level是三年制的學位

對考照沒什麼影響, 12 more words

Physical Therapy

Solving Uncertainty

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What does the search for certainty do to us as clinicians?

In searching for answers we are picking up patterns that let us go past that initial uncertainty. 285 more words

Physical Therapy

Decorative Paint Techniques (Exterior)

Type of Exterior Paint

Latex – Easy cleanup, durability, and fast drying make latex the choice for amateurs; can be applied even over damp surfaces; naturally mildew-proof; may be incompatible with a previous oil-based finish. 133 more words

Group B

Decorative Painting Techniques

Besides applying a fresh coat of paint on your walls, there are many other types of decorative paint techniques used as decorative wall finishes. Also referred to as… 339 more words

Group B

A Year in Review

I will start by referring you to this statement:

… the reflective process becoming a better clinical and critical thinker, thereby providing patients and clients with a better experience and better outcomes.

819 more words
Physical Therapy

I Love Being the Thumbnail

Thank you for everyone that decided to join me for my second post for Double Post Tuesday and I hope you liked reading about how to play and why I love my favorite card game Egyptian Rat Slap.  418 more words


The Therapeutic Exam

“But I have               in my spine.”

“Oh I can’t, my                is really bad.”

“I guess I’ll just have to live with this                  .”

Fill in the blank with your own patient comments, but they are all essentially the same. 662 more words

Physical Therapy