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October 2016

This year has flown by. And might I add: Thank GOODNESS. I never wish for time to just fly by but like I have said time and time again to pretty much anyone who will listen: I will not repeat year 1 of PT school if you paid me. 462 more words

Then October Happened

Imagine running a hard 200 meter dash that you finished pretty strong, but instead of a gradual decrease in speed after crossing the finish line, you just come to a crashing halt. 518 more words


Let's Get Physical

My heels are swollen, my lower back doesn’t quite extend like it used to, and I constantly smell like a combination of hand sanitizer and latex. 736 more words


Lessons on professionalism, community, & higher education from Coaching & Physical Therapy - Bryan K. Wong

The following post has been adapted from essays and statements written and submitted for a professional context/setting. Thus, be mindful in its usage, but please also share as an inspiration for others to write about dragonboating and the impact it has made in their lives in their journey, pursuit of professional advancement, and higher education. 1,217 more words

Paddlers, Are You Ready: Blog

Make Technology Work for Your Studies, Not Against Them: Why I Use the Pomodoro Technique

Have you SEEN those adorable kitchen timers!? Even though I know that I won’t ever use one while cooking, I’ve had my eye on one shaped like an awesome little teapot (looking at you, … 404 more words


Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise in the Treatment of Chronic Neck Pain

Arizona Core Ambassador, Daniel Strauss, conducted a riveting presentation. It explored how manual therapy in conjunction with therapeutic exercise could benefit those patients diagnosed with chronic neck pain. 107 more words

Physical Therapy

Pedaling for Parkinson's

Mikaila Foster, working with other student physical therapists, came up with a very unique way to treat a patient. Hint: it involved pedaling.

I began cycling while I lived with my previous college roommate. 276 more words

Physical Therapy