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Neck pain? How can PT help you? A reflection on the ICE experience

How can Physical Therapists effectively evaluate, assess, and treat neck pain? Most importantly, how can PTs avoid losing sight of the patient while combing through the latest research? 737 more words


Tidbits from the week

WHEW! It is over! Finals for this quarter are done! Time to rest and relax!

And of course I am now sick. I don’t know if its a cold or what but my throat is on fire however my nose isn’t stuffed up so who knows. 103 more words


Day 9

I forget how happy writing makes me until I do it. I wrote a snippet of a short story yesterday and now writing is all I can think about again. 19 more words


Day 8

Mexican food and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Is there really a more positive thought than that?


Day 7

I had an amazing nap today! I don’t even care that it was on the allergist table while having testing done to see what I’m allergic to. 7 more words


Day 6

On a day where my children have been running wild and screaming at the top of their lungs for no other reason than they can, I am grateful. 92 more words


Day 5

I am grateful to have a job that I’m not only good at but also that I love. I couldn’t ask for a more enjoyable way to provide for my family.