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In case you were wondering

How my appointment went…not great. Well, no. Actually, there was no confrontation (score!), but I sadly realized that just the presence of Brian sitting there, seemed to make a world of difference. 878 more words

U n i t 4 1 7

Tonight is the last night I spend in unit 417, exactly the way I entered, on the floor, with no furniture. Just like nobility.

My anxiety kicked in on a high note at about 1:27 pm, and then I shifted from extremes of “everything is going to be great” to panicking and then resetting. 201 more words

Then We Were Half-way Done with Our Doctorates

It’s official: we’ve passed the exact half-way mark of our three-year journey to becoming Doctors of Physical Therapy. Well hot damn :) I’d say it’s all downhill from here, but we still have a year of working as free labor in the clinics after the spring semester, while still paying tuition (#carepackagesarewelcomemom). 995 more words


Should I Stay or Should I Go?

It’s the start of week 7 and with midterms now inseason, I can feel myself slowly drifting away.

To all future DPT students, I want you to know that yes PT school is hard. 158 more words

Week 5

Has also, come and gone. Hurricane Irma, as well, came and went. My happiness…briefly appeared and vanished. -_-. I am so tired Y’all. Honestly, I am not sure how every PT is not a ball of muscle, super fit, and thin. 807 more words

Guest Post: Simple Ways Travel Therapists Can Save Money on The Road (by the Traveling Traveler)

Today I’m happy to bring to you a guest post from Julia Kuhn at The Traveling Traveler. Below are some great tips on how to save money while working as a traveling professional, many of which Whitney and I employ ourselves! 777 more words

Personal Finance

"‘Google tax’ nets HMRC £281m"

Source: accountancy age.com 14 September 2017

“Diverted profits tax revenue collected by HMRC in 2016-17 totalled £281m, leaping from £31m collected in the previous year, according to data released by HMRC.” 100 more words