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Manual therapy continuing education - What's the point?

My first month off following graduation was spent interviewing for travel positions. I was looking for a way to pay off some of my six figure loan debt effectively, and travel PT provides that opportunity. 553 more words

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Pain, Re-framed.

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I had chronic low back pain.


The first incident was years prior in college: randomly getting up from a nap on the couch (college!) and my back grabbed me and put me on the floor. 1,172 more words

Physical Therapy

An Interview with Valerie Adams

In this interview I talked with Valerie Adams, who happens to be a great friend and incoming DPT at Duke University.  We discuss how Valerie decided she wants to become a PT, how she chose Duke, her plans after school, what field she herself specializing in, and her wildest experience as a Resident Assistant at Saginaw Valleys State University.  1,137 more words

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Gaining access to a skilled physical therapist is extremely important and is one of the major issues we face as a profession and health care system.   533 more words

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Berbagai Jenis Imunisasi DPT

DPT adalah penyakit yang serius yang disebabkan oleh bakteri. Difteri dan pertusis (batuk rejan/ batuk 100 hari) disebarkan dari orang ke orang melalui saluran nafas. Tetanus masuk ke tubuh melalui luka pada kulit. 341 more words


An Interview with CinemaAir

I had the chance to interview the anonymous CinemaAir.  I was able to discuss how he started blogging, his take on how to make the most of clinical rotations and residencies, a vision for the future of physical therapy, and a shared love for Marcus Aurelius.   1,063 more words

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Tanya Jawab DTP

Apa beda vaksin DTP dan DTaP ? Mengapa vaksin DPaT jauh lebih mahal ?
Vaksin DTP dan DTaP kedua-duanya untuk mencegah penyakit difteri, pertusis dan tetanus. 188 more words