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For being absent but I had to be fully¬†present in everything else in my life. Have you ever perused mymiserableptschoollife.tumblr.com? Well that has been pretttttty much what’s been going on. 466 more words

University of St. Augustine Open House Summary

I am finally back in Columbus, Ohio after traveling the last two weeks. Even though I was home for family reasons (congrats on graduating Brennen!), I made sure that I made time to get to the spring open house at the University of St. 181 more words


Applying to Physical Therapy Schools

It’s about time for the PTCAS cycle to open¬†again and I decided to make an in-depth post about my application process. Hopefully this can help anyone who’s planning on applying soon. 913 more words


Devising Feedback

  • piece was overall good
  • aims were apparent, making the audience work things out
  • had to engage in order to get it – to our credit…
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Had tech and dress rehearsals, making sure that everything worked.
-Made sure that all cues were correct.
-Made the programmes, gave in risk assessment.
-Went through dress rehearsal to the audience, being told that we’d need to project more, especially on top of the scaffolding. 87 more words


Did most of the risk assessment, though still need to speak to Jon and print that off.
-Went through each of the scenes, trying to find out where everything would be for each transition. 101 more words


Looked at sound and the music for the different parts of our performance.
-Blocked ‘Daily Life’ out, making sure that we knew where everyone was for the conversation between Hannah and I, then Hannah, TK and Josh. 224 more words