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My calling. Maybe?

“You should totally watch this movie” my dad said, “it’s so beautiful!, especially when he says: the brain, is a miracle.” My parents were telling me about this movie called “Gifted hands: The Ben Carson story” on our way to church. 1,295 more words

I can change...

Life is hell, & living is a nightmare.

I try to remember the things I’ve been taught in my DBT class. Be mindful. Don’t push negative thoughts away. 668 more words



N=1 has turned into a symbol,  a representation meaning to treat a person as an individual, as a unique complex being that has personal factors and history that make them who they are. 231 more words


Physical Therapy School Acceptance!!


So it has been an extremely long time since I have last posted, but a lot has happened since my last post about physical therapy school. 120 more words

Benefits of: Foam Rolling

Foam rolling has become an increasingly popular intervention used by runners, cyclists, weight lifters, and athletes alike. When it comes to foam rolling, there are many questions that beginners may have, including: “Is it better to roll before or after exercise?”, “If I foam roll, do I need to stretch?”, and “How long should I be rolling for?” With endless amounts of fitness blogs, magazines, and websites, it can be hard to sift through the plethora of information. 459 more words


10 Things to Avoid When Writing Your Personal Statement 

With so many moving parts to keep in line (relevant experiences, education, hobbies, background info- and the list goes on and on), school applications can be pretty overwhelming. 2,773 more words


Franklin Pierce University

Franklin Pierce University (visited 10/20/16)

Franklin Pierce is located in Rindge, a small town in the southwest corner of NH, 10 miles from the Massachusetts border and 25 miles to Vermont. 790 more words

College Visits