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Hey, You just get spotted!

In the advertising world, tailoring the message to the intended target is key. Now marketers have got an incredible tool to help target their consumers effectively β€” their locations. 441 more words

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That’s right!
A cup of coffee & a slice of DQ Ice Cream Cake!!



Blog Post 4.3: Looking for a Valentine's gift? Try this.

If you are thinking about a great way to spend time with your love one on Valentine’s day. You should first ask, if they like ice cream, cake and red spoons. 378 more words

Week 4

Disqualifications: Fight Them or Accept Them?

Disqualifications. They’re a common and necessary part of swimming. They lurk behind every start, turn and stroke. They can generate tears, anger, outrage, swearing and sometimes even acceptance. 1,310 more words

Mighty Tritons

More Than You Want to Know About Swimming Disqualifications

Disqualifications are an essential part of swimming. It’s there lurking in the background of every race in every meet. But what’s the real purpose of disqualifications? 2,053 more words

Mighty Tritons

Why are these topics missing from Davos chat?

  • Terror and the fall-out from Paris attacks. This may change when President Hollande speaks at 11.30 today
  • There are no protests … is this a sign of all NGOs now being β€œin the tent?”
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Day 10

Woke up a little bit hung over today. Tried to eat to make things better. It didn’t work. Had a shower while my friend R went to her tattoo appointment. 89 more words

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