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Untitled 838

Watercolour and Pencil, 4 x 4.5 inches

Please leave a comment, especially if you have additional information on this piece of art or the artist.


Dairy Queen - Soft Pretzels and Potato Skins

I’ve been a fan of the new items at Dairy Queen over the last couple of years since they have added a toaster oven that is used for both making desserts and for baking off sandwiches. 399 more words

Fast Food

DQ & Design in Y2 "... paint comes out of our fingers?"

Today I taught Y2 classes for the first time since we waved them goodbye as Y1s before the summer. They were as enthusiastically wriggly as one would expect after a long summer holiday! 1,073 more words

Digital Skills

Dragon Quest's secret power is nostalgia

There is a Kotaku article titled Maybe This Is Why Dragon Quest Never Took Off In The West. Jason Schreier’s main point boils down to: DQ sticks too much to its old traditions, although some of them feel clunky and outdated now and slow down the gameplay, like the save feature for example. 552 more words


The Temptation

Today I went with family to a Japanese Steakhouse. I’m a fan of this form of Japanese food. However I’m not a fan of seafood- if it’s from the sea it’s not for me!  152 more words


Dairy Queen - Artisan Philly Sandwich

When you think of Dairy Queen, you first think of all that wonderful ice cream. There is a huge selection of blizzards and sundaes and ice cream cakes that people enjoy every day. 287 more words

Fast Food