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Did the pan dems shoot themselves in the foot?

With six non-pro-establishment legislators disqualified over swearing in irregularities, pan dems are at the mercy of the government not to hold by-elections for all six seats at once to have any hope of retaining their seats. 221 more words


There would have been a time when you would meet an average looking person holding a very key responsibility. This generally leads to thoughts, well “ 554 more words



AIQ is the collection of documented evidence that an instrument performs suitably for its intended purpose. Use of a qualified instrument in analyses contributes to confidence in the validity of generated data. 389 more words

Pharma Industry Guidelines

Week 6 Discussion

Discussion – Social Business Agility

Based on your reading of Chapters 17, 18, 19, & 20 of the text including the “Unit Five Closing Case One” entitled Twitter, discuss how this social network can be used to improve the C-Commerce processes for tracking project status of a Cloud-based collaborative marketing campaign. 221 more words

Formal Learning

Week 5 Discussion

Discussion 1 – CEM Systems Integration

Based on your reading of Chapters 13, 14, 15, & 16 of the text including the “Unit Four Closing Case Two” entitled Social Networking, discuss how social media sites can be used by a virtual enterprise to enable C-Commerce processes to “hear” the Voice of the Customer. 666 more words

Formal Learning

Week 4 Discussion

Discussion 1 – Big Data-driven DSS for CEM

Based on your reading of Chapter 9 of the text including the “Unit Three Opening Case” entitled Second Life: Succeeding in Virtual Times, using DSS concepts explain how Wikipedia can deploy Cloud-based DSS to gain business intelligence. 433 more words

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