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"The Meanest Mom EVER": Parenting Done Right or Overboard? What do you think?

This is a story that has been going viral lately.  Haven’t heard of Jaime Primak Sullivan, or as she is now known, “The Meanest Mom EVER”?   566 more words



We all at some point of time get angry. Some of us being short tempered know exactly how much our muscles twitch when things don’t go our way or don’t happen to our liking. 223 more words


DragonQuest combat rules retro-clone resource

There is now a very basic outline version of the DragonQuest combat rules posted at DQRules.  I’m providing extra notice here for those of you who are following Antherwyck House for DQ-related stuff since there are more followers here than there are on DQRules itself.   166 more words

DragonQuest RPG

DragonQuest Combat Summary

The following is an outline of the combat rules for DragonQuest, and a good starting point for retro-cloning.  It covers many of the essentials, as long as you are already familiar with the rules, but it may be a bit scant if you are trying to use it alone, or as a new player of the game. 1,927 more words


What Should the DragonQuest Retro-Clone Be Called?

I’ve opened up the idea of assembling a retro-clone of DragonQuest, but one question to be answered is: What should it be called?

For a long time, I was interested in using the original name for DQ: … 338 more words

DragonQuest RPG

DragonQuest Rules Clone

It’s time for a retroclone of the DragonQuest RPG.  It’s past time, really, so there’s no point in delaying further.

Yes, that’s correct, it is… 985 more words

DragonQuest RPG

DQ - Thinning Down the Counterspells

I’ve been thinking about revisions and re-treads of the DragonQuest rules for a long time.  I’ll spell out some further thoughts on the topic as a whole in an upcoming post.  336 more words

DragonQuest RPG