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Hot and Cold signals

The title of this article refers to a game in which temperatures provide guidance for the searcher to locate a particular item or to guess an answer to a query. 273 more words

21st Century Living

Role of Consciousness and Self-Healing Discussed with Dr Bernie Siegel

I found a thoughtful interview about the connection between consciousness and self-healing. There is so much of what Dr. Siegel says that I can relate to. 14 more words


Fight For Your Life - Dr. Bernie Siegel Tells How

The mind and body are one unit. Give your body positive messages! Be an active patient in your wellness plan.

Be well!


If you think my posts are helpful, please… 13 more words

Mixed Bag

My Ghostwriting Project Is On the Bookshelves!

Last year Dr Mel Borins hired me to ghostwrite a non-technical, light-hearted narrative for medical articles he’d written – articles meant for doctors’ eyes only. He hoped I would bring them to life in a way that would appeal to and be useful to the general public. 328 more words


Share Your Animal Story With Dr. Bernie Siegel

The first story I ever had accepted was one I submitted to Dr. Bernie Siegel’s book: Faith, Hope, and Healing, and my dream of doing the work I love came true. 519 more words

Mind Games

I’ve been thinking lately about talking myself into becoming healthy.  Others more learned than I have researched possible health benefit links.  Dr. Bernie Siegel of New Haven swears by his method of group and individual psychotherapy, imagery and dream work in helping treat his cancer patients and others with chronic illnesses like MS. 455 more words


5/20/13 - Dr. Bernie Siegel

Bernie is one of the most gifted storytellers on the planet. In this segment he shares his experiences and  insights into the human condition. Bernie delivers his message with soft words and a bit of humor that makes listening to his wisdom very easy. 9 more words

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