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Intern J.D. to M.D.

I feel like most people wouldn’t think about the character development in Scrubs¬†because it’s a medical comedy show, but just because they don’t take things seriously doesn’t mean their characters remain stagnant for 9 seasons, although fans probably don’t like to think about that last season. 954 more words


This is my new reaction gif for everything I love.

What to Expect When You're Expecting a Random Roommate

(as told by Dr. Cox gifs from the hit television show Scrubs)

I bet you thought your random roommate days were behind you…

Think back to that summer before freshman year.  680 more words

What is compatibility? (Hubby's 3 Characters)

“You are not my antithesis. That implies we are on the same axis when we are not, in fact, even on the same planet.” – My husband on why we work. 8 more words


Golden Oldie: Scrubs

In the beginning, there was a fresh faced, deeply confused medical graduate called John Dorian. JD to his friends.

JD arrives at Sacred Heart hospital as an intern, only to find that spending half his life in college and medical school has not prepared him in any meaningful way for being a doctor. 822 more words