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83,000 brain scans: lessons learned

22 years
83,000 brain scans
from 93 countries

Lesson learned?

  • You are not stuck with the brain you have.
  • Brains can be rehabilitated.
  • You can make it better.
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Music Therapy

Great news! Traumatic brain injuries can be rehabilitated!

From TEDxOrangeCoast:

Dr Daniel Amen discusses the findings of 83,000 brain scans and what it means for the treatment of health issues from depression to traumatic brain injury.

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Dr. Daniel Amen & Phrenology

On Dr. Daniel Amen:

No major research institution takes his SPECT work seriously, none regards him as “the number one neuroscience guy,” and his revelations, which he presents to rapt audiences as dispatches from the front ranks of science, make the top tier of scientists roll their eyes or get very angry. 258 more words


I started taking CBD oil I order through cannimed.  Every night I take a syringe shot orally and I find I sleep much better than I normally do.  161 more words

How Brain Scans Can Help Healing

The other day, I had some free time and watched a very informative TED talk that educated me about the use of brain scans and imaging within the scope of practice of clinical psychiatrists.   293 more words

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