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Dr Dog - Critical Equation

Fifteen years on, Dr Dog show no signs of resting. The Philadelphia band are somewhat prolific. Critical Equation is their tenth album. But despite their experience (are band years like dog years, compressing more in than standard human time?) Dr Dog show retain energy, vigour, and style. 456 more words


Dr. Dog : Critical Equation

I can remember driving 5 hours one way to Louisville, Kentucky to see Wilco at Slugger Field back in late summer of 2007. My wife and I were deep into Jeff Tweedy’s world at that point. 746 more words

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May 2nd: Under The Wheels

Good afternoon all,

Dr. Dog have been drawing the chillest of fans in the indie rock community since they released their cover of Heart It Races… 101 more words

What I Learned by Swapping Playlists with a Stranger

It’s hard to explain why sharing your favorite music with someone—especially someone you don’t really know—makes you feel so heart-achingly vulnerable.

Easy topics like Marxist theories and childhood trauma are bound to come up naturally in friendly conversation, but claiming your favorite album is often prefaced with a defensive, “Now hear me out!” 625 more words


Highlights In Studio 4 - Week of 4/23/18

Featured photo: Reed Turchi

1. Dr. Dog – Critical Equation (We Buy Gold, Rock)

Dr. Dog have achieved something rare: a stride almost 20 years into their career. 418 more words


Lake Turnover, Existential Crises, and Seasonal Depression

In AP Environmental Science, we learned about lake turnover. Lake turnover is the process of a lake’s water literally turning over from top to bottom. In essence, as the seasons change from fall/winter to spring/summer, water and debris that existed on the bottom of the lake (called the hypolimnion) moves to the top of the lake (called the epilimnion) and vice versa. 1,005 more words