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it's not a death ray or an ice beam

SS #29: if i could freeze time…

If I could borrow Dr. Horrible’s freeze ray, I would use it to pause special moments so I could have a bit longer to commit them to memory.   40 more words

Sunday Scribblings


Today’s post is going to be looking at two things.

Firstly, I had a great time getting stuck into my very first author takeover on the HEA Seekers Book Club on Facebook. 618 more words

Review: Sixpoint Sensi 2015

Review of Sixpoint Sensi 2015 from Sixpoint Brewery in Brooklyn, NY.

Beer Type: India Pale Ale (IPA)  ABV: 6.3%  IBUs: 64  Tried from can.

Their Description: “The Mad Scientists make a pilgrimage to the hop motherland during harvest time to find the ripest, juiciest cones to put into SENSI. 268 more words


The Darkness and the Light in Storytelling: Contrast and Supergirl

I’m a horror writer. I prefer weird fiction. But not everything has to be blood, guts, and gore all the time; not everything has to be evil. 895 more words


I Married Dr. Horrible

People sometimes scratch their heads when I tell them that Tex has not one but two professional degrees. “How much does a cowboy need to know to shovel s&^t?” I can see them inwardly asking themselves. 751 more words


Re-Run Re-watching - Really Boring or Reliving Memories?

I started watching Parks and Rec again.

I first binge-watched this show in the terribly planned time frame of the weeks before finals week and leading into it. 565 more words

Writing Tips: Hero vs. Protagonist

When crafting your novel you need three things:

  1. A character
  2. A goal
  3. A problem

Your main character (protagonist) has a goal, something they want more than anything else, but something is standing in their way. 233 more words

Writing Tips