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A Change of Pace - Chapter 76

The soft tick tock of the clock was getting on Angela’s last nerve. She’d been in sitting in this office for the last twenty minutes without saying a word. 4,485 more words


A Change of Pace - Chapter 73

Angela struggled to wake. She’d been out like a light. A drug-induced sleep could do that to a person.

For just a moment as she regained consciousness, Angela felt completely at peace. 4,398 more words


About Jason Johnson

Dr. Jason Johnson is a professor, political analyst and public speaker. Fresh, unflappable, objective, he is known for his ability to break down stories with wit and candor. 617 more words

Departing the Big Smoke...

The rain battered against the window on that disappointingly bleak June afternoon as I shoved the last of my worldly possessions into an already overflowing box.  737 more words

A Change of Pace - Chapter 40

Daisy sat in a chair in John’s office trying very hard not to punch anything. It was something she realized she had to do frequently now that she was at the HCP. 7,935 more words


A Change of Pace - Chapter 38

Daisy left the classroom without looking back. She was already uncomfortable losing control of her own mind twice in one class. Having her students notice the incident was even worse. 6,442 more words


#OnThisDay in history: Dr Johnson's Dictionary was published in 1755!

By Emily Jones

For the English Scholars, dictionary-hoarders and language-enthusiasts amongst you, you might recognise that 1755 was rather an exciting year for the English language, with Samuel Johnson’s key influence in standardising the written word as we know it today. 512 more words

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