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The Press Gang: Manning the Royal Navy

Royal Navy warships in the pre 20th century era were vile for the ordinary sailor. This was well known and as a result the navy suffered major recruitment challenges. 554 more words


A Wiley Cleric

This is from another book in the brilliant through variable series, Highways and Byways, this time for Oxford and the Cotswolds, by H A Evans. 624 more words


Two Reflections on Anthony Daniels' Essay on Harper Lee.

Personally… I have always liked (and therefore been inclined to believe in) the idea of the writer of a single book of exceptional appeal who chose to remain silent thereafter because she had nothing further to say.

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My college re-opened after a surprisingly long summer break. Being in the final year, the studies are overbearing; (over-my-head-kind-of-bearing).¬† Literary theories, criticisms, linguistics, umpteen number of prose & poems to be critically analyzed et al are the stuff I’m / I’ll be surrounded with for the months to follow. 103 more words


Dr Johnson

Travel theme: Old Fashioned

All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own, and if fortune carries him to worse, he may learn to enjoy it. 39 more words


Do We Choose Our Friends?

This is another Nugget from my book Unposted Letters by John O’London, and it seems particularly apt in reference to the debate over friends on facebook and other media: 658 more words

Real Life

PT/35(b): A US $ 2.7 Billion Forgery

In March  1992, Dr Johnson published a devastating report ( DJR 218 ) that totally destroyed the case against Megrahi and indeed Libya.

Dr Johnson did a very carefull analysis of the surface of PT/35(b) and a control sample of a Thuring board – DP/347(a) – used in the manufacture of all MST-13 timers supplied to Libya in 1985/1986. 242 more words