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“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?”  Satchel Page

We all get reminded at least once a year how old we are in chronological years.  200 more words

Dr. Nancy Irwin

Battered-Not-Broken.com: Dating Deal Breakers

Everyone has them; deal breakers in a relationships and dating. It’s something that you refuse to compromise on, when seeking a significant other. Examples:

ü  … 191 more words

Dr. Nancy Irwin

WBGZ: Penn State's Jerry Sandusky Sexual Abuse Trial Aftermath

One of my areas of concentration is in working with sex offenders, and victims of child sexual abuse as well. So, I am hoping that this case can be a learning tool for all of us, especially people out there who don’t know that treatment does work for pedophilia. 144 more words

Dr. Nancy Irwin

WBGZ - RE: Lukas Pinski Parents Charged In Toddler's Drowning Death

The sad tale of the couple that have been charged with child neglect and endangering their child after their twins toddled off and one of them got into a pond and drowned. 201 more words

Dr. Nancy Irwin

All Parenting: iPhones for first graders? Have we gone mad?

Folders, pencils and… iPhones? The contents of a grade schooler’s backpack used to be standard. Now it’s not uncommon to find a cell phone wedged between a sack lunch and some Smencils. 145 more words

Dr. Nancy Irwin

FOX BUSINESS: Why We Overspend

Blame it on the Jones’s.

It’s no secret that we overspend, and our tendency to over-leverage became painfully exposed in 2008 when the housing market crashed and economic growth came to a screeching halt. 447 more words

Dr. Nancy Irwin

All Parenting: The Emotions of Having An Unattractive Child

The ugly one

As a child, Katie Hawn, author of Magic Nights, was told she wasn’t attractive. Hawn was devastated when, years later, she dared to broach the subject with her mother, who simply said, “Your sister was the pretty one.” “It was official,” she remembers, “and my heart sank.” 192 more words

Dr. Nancy Irwin