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ANNOUNCEMENT: Hard Copy is Running for SGSU Junior Representative!

Hard Copy Satire is thrilled to announce its candidacy for SGSU Junior Representative! With two years of experience at SU under our belt, we are ready to enter our junior year with satire and humor unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 96 more words

The Pig And The Grinch

Dear Readers: It is with deep sadness that I must tell you that The Pig has died. My Muse is no more!

Her beagle hair remains all through my house, her bucket of homemade chicken soup is in the fridge, waiting for her to come running through the door, skidding as she rounds the corner into the kitchen, ready for Grandma’s hugs and food (if I’m honest, the food comes first.) But she won’t be doing that anymore. 519 more words

Moving Home

It happened.

It happened.

For the past days until now, I am a victim of some series of unfortunate events. All are unavoidable, I don’t have much choice but to “unavoid” them. 15 more words

Don't Cry

The One With Voom

Dr. Seuss’ specialty is rhymotology. He’s a gears, toes and goat man.

Comic Commentary


At first we only heard them say, “You can be any thing you want to be,” Dreamers all, we didn’t pay attention to the rest of that line, “if you do as you are told.” It took us a decade or so to realize that they—parents, teachers, bosses, etc.—were only serious about the second part. 347 more words

RES Is Celebrating Earth Day on a Whole New Level

Although Earth Day has passed and more awareness was spread on conserving the planet, Rymfire Elementary is still focusing on bettering the Earth through teaching their students not to take it for granted. 629 more words



Minggu ini di kelas drama kami membahas sebuah cerita klasik dari Dr. Seuss berjudul Green Eggs and Ham. Ceritanya berfokus pada Sam-I-Am yang menawarkan telur hijau dan daging kepada narator yang sepanjang cerita tidak disebutkan namanya. 333 more words

Urban Life