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Raise a glass to Max the Dog
Who led Grinch Santa through the fog
To save that old silk hat from sin…
I’d better read that book again.


The Lorax

Should you go and see The Lorax (based on the Dr Seuss story) this festive season?

The Old Vic has produced a video, with a bit of Seuss-ian rhyming, to try to convince you! 49 more words


Reading Level Book List...Kindergarden

Kindergarten is such a fun age for so many reasons, but one of the most fun reasons is because they are, most of them, on the cusp of becoming readers themselves. 384 more words

Book Lists

The Waiting Place

I came across this, about a year ago, and I was shocked at how my thoughts paralleled those of the author of this blog entry, Dustin Curtis.It took me a while to post it because I wasn’t sure that I should  but here you go. 502 more words

23 and 24.

I sewed it up!!! And then I looked down and realized I’d also done this in just a couple of days…

One more and I can finish if I want. 476 more words

ATSC’s interesting fact(s) of the week

On this day in 1957 Dr Seuss published how the Grinch stole Christmas! Better watch out for those mince pies boys and girls! 23 more words


Today I am thankful for the gift of time

I know. We hear all these trite clichés about time, don’t we? “You have all the time in the world.” or “Time is fleeting.” or “Take your time.” or “On your death bed you will never wish you’d spent more time at the office.” Benjamin Franklin said “Lost time is never found again.” What do we believe about time? 757 more words

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