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A letter from William Shakespeare to Sam I Am...

Dear Sirrah,

Still no appetite for thy heinous concoction doth my tongue construe to desire.

Neither hither nor yon would’st such tinted and perhaps tainted fare present itself less foully to my palate. 380 more words


I found these while I was going through all those funny pictures of me for the art contest thing, and I thought I would share them again...

Because it still cracks me up…

Oh, and remind me tomorrow to repost that letter from Shakespeare to Sam I Am telling him… in flowery Shakespearean prose… why he can’t eat green eggs and ham…


Islands of Adventure

Islands of Adventure is one theme park we will never become tired of.  There are so many things that we enjoy doing. Between the rides, the food and the picture spots, it will forever be one of our favorite places to visit on vacation. 456 more words


I Speak for Mother Earth

Today was Arbor Day so we finished up our activities on sustainability and taking care of the environment.  We watched the modern version of The Lorax movie and wrote letters to mother earth.   11 more words


It's a Beautiful Day #49

Here is a late night, well known but still amazing quote brought to you by man, Dr.Suess (i wonder if he was actually a doctor. And if so, why is he written kids books and not saving lives??) 11 more words


Thursday, April 23rd

Marina Hyde in the Guardian, attempting to follow Cameron and Boris as they gladhand the (carefully controlled) public: “Anyway, the day was run not so much on a need-to-know basis as a we’ll-decide-who-needs-to-know basis. 739 more words

Weekly Roundup

Where Dreams Die

People often use the term “I could die” attached to extreme feelings. “I’m so happy I could die.” “I’m so sad I could die.” And so forth. 1,025 more words