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RIP June Foray

June Foray has passed away at the age of 99. She was one of the most prominent voice actors in the animation industry of all time. 81 more words


The Nonsense Farmer

I have had a few ideas for poems running around my head for a while but am still plowing through edits of ‘The Fifth Coin.’ I got bored with this in the last few days though and decided I needed to write (strange that for a writer!). 848 more words


My Favorite Authors

I learned to read at a very young age and I never really gave the practice up. I could get lost for hours in a book, emerging only to deal with the pesky side effects of being a carbon based life form. 1,523 more words

Opinion Pieces

Rolling with the Punches

I’ve learned many things over the course of my lifetime, but the most important thing, the thing that comes back to me time and time again, the thing that keeps me sane when the world is swirling out of control, is that nothing you do matters more than being flexible. 665 more words

Author's Blog


I used to play a computer game, Where in Time is Carmen San Diego (showing my age right there with that sentence). It was my favorite game! 466 more words


Body, Mind, Soul

Date: 07/25/2017

Qic: Dr. Seuss

The theme for the workout was “Add some treasure to your chest.” It’s a pun. The theme verses for the workout were Matthew 6:19-21, which Dr. 261 more words

Dr Seuss

Frances McFeather

“Frances McFeather” is the Seussian character I created for the Seuss Whimsy Art Show currently on view at Osceola Arts in Kissimmee, FL.  Dr. Seuss often created characters that had elaborate and extravagant hair, wings or tails and Frances pays tribute to all those fancy friends.   79 more words