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Fitting In (& Standing Out)

A quote I have always loved is one by Dr. Seuss: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”


I was never sure how to place myself into one of these categories: Do I fit in? 642 more words


No, Not You!

(To Dr. Seuss)

“Everyone is just waiting. NO! That’s not for you!”

But here I am waiting
I’m waiting for the flakes to fall away the darkness… 434 more words


Classic Children's Books with Less-Than Stellar Morals

Know a kid who won’t eat new foods? Open up the ol’ Green Eggs & Ham. He’ll eat and subsequently hate that tuna and pineapple casserole. 707 more words


You are a mover of words

You are a mover of words – Fortune from a fortune cookie

You’re a mover of words with the things that you say
and you move lots of words with your lips every day… 196 more words


Couples in Art

“An Afternoon Stroll” by GeorgesJules-Victor Clairin (1843-1919)

Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife Giovanna Cenami painted by Jan Van Eyck in 1434.

The Marriage of Babar and Celeste… 88 more words


Things That Smell 4

Even though it’s February and I had to scrape ice off of my car tonight, I’m here to share a little bit of spring with you today! 735 more words

Moo Point Mondays