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WE need to know

Well this name is just initials so how we can we be sure

who on earth we’re dealing with

a him or a her?

If you would just pick a normal name… 234 more words


I am a Social Mocumentarian

I am a recently outted, outed social mocumentarianist.  I have spent my life in flair, shamery (is that a word?), and longing for the day that I can be free to express my shenanigans with out the wiffle of fleas, sniffles from trees, and discordence while speaking to the bees. 478 more words

21 Inspiring Quotes From Beloved Children's Books

Monday again, a new week. You have seven days to enjoy, none of which you’ll ever get back.

Start your week off with words straight out of children’s books. 88 more words


Cat in the Hat, 2016

Artist: Chad Patterson
Title: Cat in the Hat
Year: 2016
Medium: Oil on plywood
Size: 14″ w x 14″ h
Commission Sale


My first assignment for my retirement is ......

I am thinking of retiring this year and already I am getting assignments . . . My assignment if I choose to accept …. make three    (?) quilts to be used as window shades . 304 more words

Nonnie's Quilting Dreams


My blogging partner and bestie, Patty, exudes optimism.  Whenever I find myself in dire straights, she’s there. With take-it-to-the-bank profound words.

And she’s not above channeling that edgy philospher, Dr. 66 more words