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My brother, his wife, my husband and I are all a bunch of geeks. We love movies, TV shows, PC and console games and all books not excluding comic books. 404 more words


The Universal Translator: MD1AssgnBlog Post on Identifying an Emerged Technology_Boseman_A_

The Universal Translator

MD1AssgnBlog Post on Identifying an Emerged Technology_Boseman_A_

In the 1960’s, the television program Star Trek sparked imaginations with future technology everyone dreamed of one day owning and using. 639 more words


Doctor Who: The Zygon Invasion/Inversion


With the exception of the season 8 finale, I didn’t like the previous season of Doctor Who. Oh, I like Capaldi as the Doctor and I eventually warmed up to Clara, but the episodes seemed like lazy “regenerations” of previous episodes, either copied off Davies or regurgitated from Moffat’s own episodes. 615 more words


Doctor Who christmas special - more details announced!

This year’s Christmas Special sees The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) join forces with a masked Superhero (Justin Chatwin) for an epic New York adventure. A new image from the episode was released today. 110 more words

Doctor Who