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Weeping Angel

… because there’s nothing scarier than an acrylic angel, right?

Awesome Crochet


I want to be a firefly so that my bum can light up when I dance. Wouldn’t be awesome? Imagine if your soul lit up like that? 189 more words

Amanda Palmer, Dr. Who & Love

To practice vulnerability is to practice death….


“Art is the process of turning yourself inside out”

The Church Being Born

Season 7

So we reach the Pertwee era and he comes crashing down to Earth with Spearhead from Space. Unlike Troughton’s debut The new doctor takes a back seat in the first episode and The Brigadier is the lead character. 244 more words

Let's Drink: Various Themed Mocktails

I found a page of mocktails that I made for a New Year’s Eve party two years ago. I thought they were lost forever due to the computer failure. 256 more words

Let's Drink