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Cultdom Commentary: Doctor Who - Heaven Sent

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Cultdom Commentary: Doctor Who – Heaven Sent

Dave, Ian and Darth gather around the Confession Dial trying to pry it open to reveal the big secrets behind this weeks episode of Doctor Who, unfortunately they have to take the long way round and sit down and do this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who – Heaven Sent (Series 9 Episode 11) 37 more words


Doctor Who Themed Christmas? SAY WHAAA


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Are The Sea Devils Returning to Doctor Who

Steven Moffat seems to love to bring back classic monster. In the past we have seen the Silurians, Ice Warriors and the Zygons. Another one that he would love to bring back are the Sea Devils. 155 more words


Dr. Who, CSI, and Biblical Characters

I am a late comer to the Dr. Who universe  I really started watching, in the past four years, a series that is fifty plus years old.   364 more words


The Fandom

Since tomorrow is International Fandom Day, I thought I’d do a quick post about ALLLL the lovely, lovely fandoms in our world today. Or the ones I’m in, at least. 102 more words

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Dr Who : Heaven Sent

Another episode another struggle, following last weeks episode we learn who kidnapped the Doctor and placed him in an eternal prison that proved to be his confession dial. 100 more words

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