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Leftovers in January

You reach a point after a hard month has lingered long where you have to eat the leftovers and accept what is.  I face challenges in the new year at least as large as the challenges of 2017.  395 more words


This Week in TV Land V

It’s been a while, and I probably should have renamed this edition as ‘This Month in Catching up in TV Land I’, but that name would be a ridiculous mouthful. 1,123 more words


Books and boys

Most ten year olds I know are obsessed with computer games. Obviously. They talk this language that frankly I am not ashamed to admit, I do not understand. 469 more words

Engines of War by George Mann Review:


After crash landing on Moldox, the War Doctor (John Hurt on the TV Show) meets Cinder a young woman in the resistance movement against the Daleks. 164 more words

Book Review


Langsam kommen die Arbeitsgedanken zurück. Ganz leise.Ich weiß das ich vorbereitet bin und das mein Partner gaaaanz langsam begreift das er umdenken sollte. Denn Entwicklungen,auch wenn plötzlich geschehen brauchen lange. 151 more words

Alle -Tage-Magie


Recently my soul was filled with angst.  It seems I was being hounded by my dreams. With feral ferocity they attacked my consciousness, choked me until I tasted them on my buds. 439 more words