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Calling all comic fans!

Save the date – Saturday 7 May is free Comic Book Day! And libraries are taking part, courtesy of the lovely folks at Forbidden Planet… 150 more words


Dude, that's not a phone

Here is a selection of people that are in equal measure confused by life and totally addicted with their phone. No further words needed, really.


Doctor Who Figurine Collection: Colony Sarff, Silurian, Supreme Dalek, Axon Man and Throne Room Dalek

The last two months have included the Eaglemoss Doctor Who Figurine Collection releases of issues 68 to 71. This means we’re now at the original number of suggested releases. 419 more words

Doctor Who

Dr Who for the Christian Fan

Dr Who fans, anyone?

My husband (L) recently asked me why I liked Dr Who so much. He’s the documentary-loving kinda guy and he managed to sit through half an episode of Dr Who with me (I am convinced that he declared his love for me the most in those 20 minutes.  299 more words

Religion in Dr. Who

Abby Matt, psychology

Written for REL-R389: Religion and Fantasy

Instructor: Heather Blair

The television show Doctor Who explores time travel and plays with what it means to be human and therefore have morality. 3,925 more words


Why We Should All be Cyborgs

I recently watched an episode of a show with a white trash hacker girl. Her name is Camille (Millie in the trailer park) and she is a badass sassy woman who doesn’t take shit from anyone. 604 more words

Because It Makes Me Happy by Lauren Bancroft

by Lauren Bancroft

Some people (who love and care about me) have asked what the heck the deal is with all this cosplay business. The simplest way to answer it is that cosplay is a fun way to creatively celebrate your favorite characters. 698 more words

Doctor Who