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Hunt demands Dr Who replaced with Dr Whenever

Peter Capaldi has resigned as a locum Timelord, buckling under the pressure of delivering a 24/7 NHS alongside defeating Daleks.  For Mr Capaldi the tipping point came when he was restricted to a 10 minute consultation on an alien invasion, while required to reduce waiting lists for his young assistants. 159 more words

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Tag endete in einem Gefühl der Enttäuschung. Und trotz Selfcare nies ich rum und fühl mich matt…also gibts jetzt ne Dröhnung Fandom-Spam.

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Heute kommt mein Sessel yeah ♡ Freu mich so. Bastel gerade auf Instagram wieder etwas Fandom.

‘I have lost things ..youll never understand. So take it. 36 more words

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Longing for Rose

As we all watched the traumatic ending of Rose and the Doctor, I can’t help but wonder the effects Rose and the Doctor left on each other. 231 more words

Who's Kraftwerk ?

Sure you know the theme song from Dr Who. Well, Delia Derbishire is “best known for her electronic realization of Ron Grainer’s theme music to this science fiction television series”…ahead of her time… 78 more words

Movie Review: The Lego Batman Movie

Whenever a sequel comes out after a great movie, I expect it to fall far below my expectations. This movie, however, surprised me. It wasn’t as consistently amazing as the first one but this one did not disappoint. 261 more words