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[BTS FF Freelance] Agust D - (Drabble)

Agust D

A fanfic by CGJin

Riddle, mystery, failed!

PG-15 ll Drabble

Plot is mine. Don’t be a siders and plagiatrism!

Starring :

Min Yoongi and Kim Seokjin’s BTS… 375 more words


Village film night

Bert set the projector up in front of a variety of deck chairs, ancient and modern. His wife of fifty years, Judy, was inside baking scones. 77 more words


“Y’know, some people believe that when the world ends, all the man-made stuff will vanish first.”

“Huh.” It is nighttime, the girl and boy leaning back onto the windshield of the dark blue sedan. 64 more words


Nikola and the Pigeon

By Bethany van Sterling

He unhooked the latch of the filigree door, watching her pristine feathers flutter at the anticipation of freedom. His blink gathered a tear at the ducts, but he quickly collected his scientist’s stoicism. 123 more words


[Drabble] Bosan

by Purplepirates

Bae Yoobin

Drama, Slice of Life, Romance Drabble G 111 more words


Mrs. Malaprop

I skipped my breakfast and I am having a snake.
They were having a concoction in bed.
Use a receptive while screwing.
He did an anal bug on her. 126 more words


He was methodical when it comes to underlining the Bible with a red marker. One day out of eccentricity he decided to count all the lines. 21 more words