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[127] Just Bestfriend

Just Bestfriend

Written by Berly © 2016

 Winwin & Mackenzi Lee | Friendship, School life, Hurt/Comfort | Drabble | G

Even when I extend my hand (NCT127-Another World)

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Drabble: Last Ones Standing

My response to the August prompt ‘defend’.

~Last Ones Standing~

As a Fighter, her job was simple.

Protect the city.

Leaving the city wasn’t at the top of her ‘favourite things to do’ list. 167 more words


Drabble: Offense is the Best Defense

My response to the August prompt ‘attack’.

~Offense is the Best Defense~

As a Fighter, her job was simple.

Destroy all monsters.

She was pretty much born for the role. 170 more words


The Boat Graveyard

It’s hard to believe she’s still there, exactly where I left her, completely untouched after all these years. She’s just sitting there at the edge of the river rotting away to nothing, a mere shell of what she once was. 172 more words



Menurutku, hanya ada 2 jenis laki-laki yang ada di dunia ini.

  1. Laki-laki yang normal
  2. Laki-laki yang aneh

Maksudku, aneh dalam kelakuannya. Yah, bisa dibilang tidak tau malu. 228 more words


Some Disconnected Drabble

Estimated Read Time: 30 seconds. Experimental Writing Exercise. 131 more words

[127] Voice Recording

Angelina Triaf ©2016 Present

Voice Recording

Huang Renjun (NCT) & Jane Jung (OC) | Friendship, Comedy | G | Ficlet

“Just as you feel.”

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