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The Pine of Time

I sat on the curb in the park on the hill, watching clouds emerge over the mountains and then dissipate over the woods. A man came up to me, looked at me, and pshawed, as though sitting on a curb was a ridiculous activity. 57 more words


Walking Dead

Olivia found herself walking into where the prison cells are located. She pushed open the barred entrance, pointing a gun in one hand and a flashlight in the other. 1,205 more words



Glass mendorong bahu Plastic yang sembarang mengomong di depan kasir mini-mart tempat mereka memborong sejumlah buah-buahan. Plastic tak anggap penting, diabaikannya seruan tipis dari Glass dan mencemooh lagi kasir yang sudah siap melempar stapler. 106 more words


Two Worms

Hari ini aku diet, sayuran pun tidak akan kumakan. Ini kehendakku sendiri. Ibu atau ayah atau adikku tidak pernah menyarankanku untuk melakukannya walau tubuhku memang sudah sebulat pegulat. 212 more words


The Smile

By Dia

The woman sitting across from Steve is dressed young. She is young. At least fifteen years younger than my husband. Emerald eyes and tousled curls, perfect chicklet white teeth. 77 more words


Sharks Have Teeth

Paddling. Forever paddling. The sea become a plate of glass. Muscles ripple under sun-warmed skin. Twist, dip, pull. One side then the other, a steady rhythm. 84 more words


[BTS FF Freelance] Letters To You Series - Seokjin

Letters To You Series – Seokjin

Author: Frostie | Length: Drabble

Main cast: Kim Seokjin, Nam Yura (OC)

Rating: General

    Genre: Friendship, Angst

Disclaimer: Storyline dan OC milik saya, sisanya bukan. 429 more words