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Alkisah, Tertulislah Dua Baris Lirik

Lirik #26: Sang Dewi – Titi DJ

Lirik #27: Terlalu Lama Sendiri – Kunto Aji

*** 261 more words


Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams By_Miss Candy //Drabble // Starring: Do Kyungsoo, You // Genre: Romance // General // Copy-paste in any case is prohibited. If you dare, then Satansoo might curse you. 125 more words

Do Kyungsoo (D.O)

700 Words Or Less #2

“Up top!” Cassie grinned at me, raising one of her hands in the air. I had to stand on tip-toes to hit the palm of my hand against hers. 1,570 more words


The Delilah 100, 91/100: Nostalgia

I shook my head, smiling, as Susan’s head cocked in piqued curiosity. “I’m kidding.”

“But it seems like such a wonderful idea for you, now that you mention it.” 72 more words

The Delilah 100

11 An Eternity In His Shoes.

What was it that Shane McGowan once sang? “I could’ve been someone..” Well, I suppose I still could. But then I remember what Kirsty McColl spat right back at him; “Well so could anyone..”, and it reminds me just how much of a head start everyone else seems to have on me. 103 more words