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Drabble #035

The lightning strike jolts his senses alive, only to fry them to death the next second.

He has never felt pain like this before. It burns and tears his flesh as it cruises through his veins. 91 more words


A Trip To Take

This morning, everything was different to her. Feeling adventurous, she ordered an Irish coffee. Slowly drinking, she enjoyed the quietness of the morning. A new day, for a new her.

229 more words

Lyr's fanfics

I regularly fall in love with characters from TV shows and movies and games, and sometimes I feel the urge to write about them. Use the tags or the masterlist (coming soon) to find whatever you’re interested in.


What a Way to Make a Living

By Spencer Chou

You arrive at work. It’s almost nine. You blow your coffee and take a sip. You open your browser to half the size of the screen, then bring up a spreadsheet in the top half in case anyone happens to glance over. 78 more words


Drabble of the Week: Shattered

4 missed calls.

11 unanswered texts.

Cursing under his breath, he tossed his phone across the foyer, startling Monty just as much as he had when he burst through the doorway a moment before, but God, the cell was useless to him silent, useless when the one place he desperately needed to be he was banned from, when the one voice he needed to hear wouldn’t say a word in response, wouldn’t answer a damn text. 320 more words


Short Story: A Ribbit Problem

Genre: slice of life

The assumption, as chief liked to say, was that once they collected the evidence, they could go into his office to show what they found. 105 more words

Creative Writing


The howling dog from down the street stirred the quiet night. He shouldn’t be here, doing this. He has no right. But he couldn’t stay away. 87 more words