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Almost as Interesting

By ROB40

Popping and crackling drew all attentions. The rider with a chiseled beard dismounted a cycle built with worked metal sourced from Johnny Walker whiskey boxes. 71 more words


X and Y

“Irene, lihat! Dia melihat ke arah sini!” 206 more words


Drabble 1

Breaking my heart is not an if, it is a when. It is a must. So forgive me for not allowing half measures. When I lay my eyes upon you, and my heart beats so fast I run the risk of it ripping itself away from my arteries and jumping out of my chest, I know the greatest inevitable mistake has been made. 124 more words

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Drabble: An Earnest Debate

The end of the argument was neither polished nor eloquent. It ended rather in punches and gasps, cries and moans. It wasn’t clean or simple, and blood fell on the dusty floor. 68 more words


The Cycle Continues

He stood on the rocks, gazing out over the water as waves broke at his feet.

“She belongs to them now,” a withered voice spoke from behind. 142 more words


[A New Trilogy] About to Sleep

About to Sleep by Mingi Kumiko

♫ Lovelyz Jiae, BTS Suga, & INFINITE Sungjong ♫ Surrealism, romance ♫ PG-17 ♫ Drabble ♫

“Meskipun kau ucapkan selamat tidur setiap malam pun, percuma saja, Yoongi-

350 more words