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The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 7 (Part 21)

Jets of warm fluid bathed my pussy. Mr. Jones-Smyth slumped over my back, trembling like an ill-used horse, huffing and wheezing. It was nice. I hadn’t reached a pinnacle, I wasn’t sure if it was possible. 79 more words


Drabble 8: The eyes, chico.

“So I think that if we move the budget meetings to next week then the department heads could get more time to get organized.”

Akash looked up from his phone calendar. 242 more words

Friday Night Drabble Party!


One more Friday down, a bajillion to go! Or something like that. Time is confusing.

Anyhoo, hey, you know what would be really cool? … 142 more words

Jake Bible

A most human file drawer

His responsibilities overwhelm. Every day he has to file thousands of files, sort them, make them instantly searchable and accessible, with each file’s relation to hundreds of other files, spanned across the entire system; if he loses even a single file from his superior scolds him. 57 more words

Creative Writing

morning glory. (2015)

I like to think that Josephina is made of all the pink hues in the early morning sky. Her name could have been Aurora or Dawn… 47 more words



This drabble isn’t related to any episode.  It’s just the boys, enjoying a simple meal together.  Once again, the title is the prompt.


Napoleon added both salt and pepper to his food.  96 more words


The Last Time

By Joss

A thousand unacknowledged emotions hit her. Years of disarming others’ emergencies and nursing the wounded thickened her skin, but left her empty at the core. 75 more words