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The Foxes

Ben came in from the woods filthy, covered in mud and dirt and blood. He wouldn’t tell us what had happened. All he would say was “The foxes…” 74 more words

1,000 Shades of Red

Seems like our lives are all tied with a thin red line.
It’s not a thread of destiny, not vein running in our body,
But rather sharp metal string glazed with blood from our enemy. 273 more words


The Wrong Suitcase

By Christine Goodnough

The lone suitcase on the carousel looked identical to mine but for the scratch on the side.

“Better check this out,” the airline attendant said. 79 more words


The Ancient Tome

“So you’ve cracked the case, eh?” Doctor Lily Plant asked her research assistant.

“It took some work, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised,” Susan “Sue” Lawyer replied. 73 more words


Smoke Signals

The smoke drifted down into the candle’s fire, and Cassandra watched until the blaze quieted. She held a sheet of paper over it, letting the fire etch Warren’s message. 73 more words

Circling the Square

Jace picked the office door lock. It’d seemed a simple idea: identify everyone attending meetings, then run stats to prove Masonry wasn’t the path to power. 75 more words



By Lara T. R.

They call her beautiful, and, indeed, she is. Beautiful in the way of a lightning strike – only when viewed from a distance. 38 more words