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Empty Vessels

By José Cañusí

They say at the core of every man lay an empty vessel.

Pedro fills his with money. José fills his with religion. Ernesto pours alcohol into his. 64 more words


Pirate Queen at The Drabble

Every day I head across to one of my favourite sites – The Drabble. There’s something almost magical about being whisked away to different worlds all in the space of 100 words. 79 more words


Leaving Home - Drabble based off of my new story

Her room had never felt as empty as now- no sister, no grandmother, no one. The space on top of her bed with its clean and unwrinkled bed sheets,  so empty. 232 more words



The blog hiatus was a lie.  All I did was play Breath of the Wild.

Drabble: ?

She noticed something on her arm, and looked closer.  93 more words

Pirate Queen of the Crimson Coast

By Ryan Stone

“Surrender?” he begged.

Aisha gazed down her rapier at Admiral Benpassa. When last they’d met, he was raping her mother, the Queen. Aisha escaped the horror that followed; fleeing her father’s fallen kingdom to be reborn as a pirate. 63 more words



“How was your day?” he asked, handing me a piece of shattered glass on the floor. I raised an eyebrow on his unusually generous gesture, but deliberately accepted the chunk anyway. 300 more words


Look into the Abyss and You will find Yourself

Once upon a time there was a man who was so vain it became a mental condition, eventually causing his demise. He was a man who thought he was better than anyone else, whose deeds he greatly exaggerated, and who felt he was so unique that he did not deserve to die. 1,221 more words