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Short Story: Safe Secrets

Genre: general

They found her in the deepest cell, in a trance that left her mind blank and her body unresponsive. In her three weeks of captivity, she had kept their secrets safe. 77 more words

Creative Writing

An Infestation

Rune parks his motorbike across the street. Well, not quite a street, really, but more like a huge highway. A freeway, maybe? He didn’t know. All he knows is that there is a huge fucking road between the establishment and him. 514 more words


Tarot Reader

The Tarot reader was in his room when a youth approached him asked him to do a reading…He shuffled the cards and got the tower…The youth asked: ‘what’s the card?’ He replied: ‘I am afraid it’s the tower and a man falling from it’. 32 more words

Flash Fiction,

Death in Shock

By Fabrice Poussin

The creature in the black robe stood holding her faithful scythe.
Greeted with loud laughter, it appeared stilled,
the unusual response enough to quench its mercilessness. 22 more words


The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 8 (Part 24)

I returned to the study and curtsied to both men, receiving smirking stares at my now clothed person. “Thank you for disciplining me, Sir, Mister. Is there naught else you require of me at this time?” At a brusque nod, Mr. 75 more words


Unity Park

This 99 word story is written in response to Charli’s newest prompt at https://carrotranch.com

Unity Park

Written by Kerry E.B. Black

Keinwen shepherded her third-grade students to the site. 94 more words

Short Stories And Poetry

Sleeping beauty

Those dancing, impossibly long lashes first drew him to her. Wavy,long, brown locks obscured the delicate face as she lay on her side, head resting in a cupped hand. 246 more words