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Short Story: The Prison that Never Was

In his dreams, he was always a bird, perched by a table with people he knew from real life.

Even in here, where anything was possible, he was still in a cage. 158 more words

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Thursday Evening Blues

By R. Hegland

There is something to be said

for the dull ache in your belly

that always appears when you think of home.

The longing so heavy in its familiarity… 25 more words

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Nobody really asks why I chose to live in the mountains, but it’s something I want to talk about anyways.

I love the mountains.

But let me tell you why. 495 more words


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Thanks so much to The Drabble for recently publishing my piece, “On a Sunday.” A drabble makes it happen in 100 words or less.

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Drabble: Encore

Tattoos drained of peacock colors, he’s traded whiskey for prune juice, cocaine for cod liver oil. The vague ringing in his ears becomes a chant. Is this Stockholm? 73 more words

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By Daniel R. Jones

It was 1:27 a.m. when I awoke to a knock on our front door.

“Wasn’t Kaylee’s curfew midnight?” I asked my husband as I rose and peered through the blinds. 107 more words

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Short Story: Clean Breakaway

Years ago, she ran away. Dropped everything, cut off everyone, packed one bag and vanished.

Starting a new life from scratch wasn’t easy, but it was better than staying stuck in her dead end old life. 101 more words

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