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Moses’s Last Thoughts

I always hated commuter traffic.

There was always one fool, up ahead of you, holding everyone else up; some pillock who couldn’t find fourth gear, or some old granny who was convinced her Fiat Uno would fall apart if she went over forty. 59 more words

[KHẢI - THIÊN][CUỘC SỐNG THƯỜNG NHẬT]: Tiểu thần tượng hệ liệt (1-6)

Cuộc sống thường nhật ở những thế giới song song

Hay về một người thích gom những mảnh vụn không có gì đặc biệt

* 1,774 more words

Dịch Dương Thiên Tỉ

What If #6

| Title : What If  #6 | Author : knock13 | Main Cast : Do Kyungsoo, Kang Ji Hee (OC) | Genre : Romance, Friendship | Rating : G | Length : Drabble | 840 more words

Do Kyungsoo (D.O)

Flash Fiction Friday: A Boating Accident

It was a pleasant day on the River Styx, when Beelzebub, Prince of Hell, accidently rammed his motorboat into a luxurious yacht belonging to Belphegor, also a Prince of Hell. 70 more words

Fantasy And Science Fiction


By Sathyaghan

A cry from within, wailing and rising in pitch. An infernal racket without, rumbling with every beat. Soundless tears flowing relentlessly. Heavy drops, falling with a patter everywhere. 72 more words



You’re sure you’re just going mad, that’s what it must be surely.

Now; stood face to face with your bathroom door, a glowing light coming through the cracks in the edges. 460 more words


The Delilah 100, 58/100: Betrayal

As we talked, I remembered the year before when he had gone to Chicago, then called me with car trouble. He’d had to stay the night in a hotel. 74 more words

The Delilah 100