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The Nihilist asks the Question: ‘what to rebel’. Yes, I rebel against the shit the shit that ejects. I rebel banging on walls. Why should I rebel against God? 84 more words

Flash Fiction,

i better cut this off / don’t wanna fuck it up

“i’m fine,” you say, casual. you add a shrug, driving the point home.

you pay no attention to the darkness that moves behind you, raises the hairs on the back of your neck. 486 more words



For someone who spent her time gazing at the stars and wandering around the other worlds, a situation like this still left her speechless. For someone who was used to feeling composed when it comes to meeting new people and was capable of keeping a casual guard while becoming familiar..this left her speechless. 722 more words


100 Word Story - Confession

No regrets, absolutely no regrets. You got this, Carmen.

I kept trying to pump myself up over and over, to try and collect what small amount of courage I already had, but the pounding of my heart kept breaking my focus. 78 more words

Original Works

The Itch

By Michael Thomas Ellis

He was a minor poet
bore meaning like a wound
to be dressed and bandaged
then peeked at
only when it began to itch. 40 more words

Your Drabble

Flash Fiction: Double Date

The half-orcs were enamored as they left the tavern.

“Starka’s smitten,” Ell smiled.

Ace nodded. “Po’s a good guy.”

She hugged her half-elven lover. “So glad you brought him.” 33 more words



When I had money: she said ‘doing such things is wrong’. Now she Whats-apped me: ‘I need’ money, let’s have a rendezvous’. She is a paradox of a nun and a whore.

Flash Fiction,