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[NCTFFI Freelance] Prince (Drabble)


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Mark Lee

Pameela Lee

Family || Drabble (+250w) || General

By Rijiyo ©2017

“Dasar Pangeran Cupu.” 232 more words

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Jarrod’s Revenge

Jarrod walked with purpose when going to the cave which had a huge stone in front of it. When he and Wayne’s mates got there he said to them “push away the stone.” Billy, Wayne’s best friend, said “Jarrod, your brother is gonna stink to high heaven, ‘coz he’s been in there too long”. 1,652 more words

Short Fiction

Please, Don't Leave Me

A short story based on an angst prompt list by @writers-among-stars on tumblr :

1. “Please, just let me help you.”

2. “I don’t need you. 391 more words


Office Romance

“I don’t date people I work with,” she said. “It’s too awkward when it ends.”

“With that mindset you’re setting yourself up to fail,” he told her. 71 more words

Literary Sojourns


President Tyrannicus wanted to lay claim to all the islands that lie in the South China Sea. He decided to use military force. It was then that President Trumpolious decided to have an affair with President Tyrannicus’ wife. The spat ended amicably.


I exploded like a bomb. The debris of my explosion lay scattered on the commode. Shit! Bloody Shit! Cleaning oneself is boredom, an existential nausea. The doing of a pathetic job is like being caught with dope.

Being for itself

Being for itself is a literary machine creating pleasure, passion, and gratification. The products of the machine lie in literary harness. I wonder when they will become consumable.