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I’m so excited! My first submission ever was accepted and posted today at The Drabble.  I was so busy I didn’t even notice it get posted. 119 more words



In the bright light of the high midday sun, his shadow stretched out beside him; blackest black against the tarmac on which he played.  His 90 degree self, moving just like him, though obscured and elongated.  59 more words

Impression, Soleil Levant

It was dawn.

Short, thick yellow brush strokes against a faded blue background. Bold shadows hinting at the presence of a person in the foreground. And also a red circle, full like someone’s mouth wide open, trying to swallow the sun and its light to keep it for themselves. 239 more words

Daily Prompt

Help Wanted

Employer: Pizza Hut
Position: Robotics Engineer


Planes, Satellites, and Broken Dreams

By daodeqi

I remember a time
when I could look up
at the night sky
and all I could see
were stars and dreams.

I’m older now… 14 more words


The Man I Never Knew

By Kecia Sparlin

Keith drove me to the station. He carried my bags, bought my ticket, and waited with me for the bus.

“Give Emily my love.” 75 more words


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Through the Trees

By czvasser

Through the trees
bonfire bright
did you see the flames

Log upon log
tinder and my tender heart
waiting watching

The flames flame then… 38 more words