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All Those Little Things

By All Natural Spirit

It’s all those little things you know,
that you tend to let fester so,
and now they seem to just grow and grow. 50 more words


The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 12 (Part 20)

I squealed. “If you put your glove back on, sir, you’ll be able to give Ruby a right sound thrashing for her impertinence. I certainly won’t rat you out to Mrs. 111 more words


Deleted Photos

Suga & Sher

Drabble | Romance, Sad, Angst | PG

“Touch of fear, sear and tear”

‒ Deleted Photos‒

Sher tidak bisa tidak merasa sangat lega, merasa aman, dan senang karena lengan Suga ditempatkan di bahunya. 179 more words


The Woman's Might

By Rhodenia B. Cunanan

With lesser strength a “she” was made,
The weaker one how she’s perceived
And yet by her fragility men were raised… 85 more words



Whenever I think about love, your name was the first thing that came to my mind. That when I see couples from SNS, I think about us, about what we could be. 166 more words


Chật (1/2)

Hôm nay bất đắc dĩ lắm anh mới buộc phải bước chân lên xe buýt  – thứ phương tiện giao thông mà nhất quyết anh không muốn lên. 2,967 more words

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