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The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 6 (Part 14)

Shortly thereafter, I was cleaning the books once more. Thankfully, there was no need of the ladder; I could not have mounted in any case. Heavy throbbing in my hot arse, each pulse reminding me, each twist of my torso fresh incentive to behave. 71 more words




A Drabble

By Risuki-san


iKon’s Jinhwan, Bobby, B.I | General | Family


Jinhwan dan Hanbin bertanya-tanya. Ada apakah gerangan yang menimpa saudara mereka? 267 more words


35 - Investigator

The guy was something of a local celebrity, and could be seen wandering around by old buildings at nighttime or talking to people in the pub. 76 more words


Avid Reader

Saturday. I was taking Muriel to London for the weekend. A father daughter trip to the theater. I remembered the little girl who loved time with her daddy. 80 more words


34 - Cottage

The cottage was full of cobwebs and dust. The windows were grimy, mould grew in the pantries, and mice lived under the floorboards. Lucy wished she had visited more; this was no way for an old woman to live, even if she did have magic. 56 more words


33 - The Goat

The goat’s head hung above his bed. Greg had found it on craigslist for three hundred bucks plus postage, which he thought was a pretty great deal. 78 more words



By Scarlett Sauvage

The patterns on her skin disturb him. They might be scars. They might be moles. But he thinks he sees numbers. Sixes. Three of them. 54 more words