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A few of my favourite reads

I have always been an avid reader. In recent times, this has both hindered and helped to inspire my writing. Like any good role model, some writers have the ability to make me quake in my boots and wonder how I could even share the literary world with them. 434 more words


Episode: September 18th

https://crypticcanticles.files.wordpress.com/2017/09/episode074_sept18_finalmix.mp3Episode Synopsis:

A reporter for the Pall Mall Gazette investigates the case of a wolf that has escaped from the local zoo.  She interviews Mr. 525 more words



(I recently came across a letter I wrote to Laura Helen Marks, in response to some questions Helen asked about two films of mine, and about my old friend Jamie Gillis. 1,355 more words

Fiction And Non-fiction From Shaun Costello

Vlad the Vampire

Since the Halloween season has started (sort of), I decided to honor one my favorite cousins, the vampires and one of my favorite classics Bram Stroker’s Dracula. 2,866 more words


Reading Challenge Dilemma

I’v almost finished the Reading challenge 2017 – update, however the one category that has been given my the most problems.

An epic romance… 211 more words

The List

Velvet Night

She stepped out into the warm summer air. It was so silent that even the slight rush of wind was like a roaring fire to her ears. 161 more words


Episode: September 17th


Episode Synopsis:

Lucy remembers the pain of the last several weeks as though a bad dream. She gratefully rejoices in her comfort falling asleep without the need of supervision, despite the sound of angry flapping against her window. 335 more words