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Best Classic Films (For People Who Think Black & White Films Are Boring)

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You know how the story goes. A group of friends decide that it’s time to try and get cultured and want to catch up on classic cinema. 4,191 more words

Best & Worst Lists

Summer Reading: It's All About the Setting

by Sunni Wilkinson

The summer I worked in Alaska for a helicopter tour company, I spent as much time reading as I did camping, or working for that matter.  802 more words

Summer Reading

Movie Review: Dracula's Daughter (1936)

The first sequel to the Universal Dracula franchise would be released just five years after its predecessor.

In the last outing we saw the demise of the titular character at the hands of Professor Van Helsing, (played once again by Edward Van Sloan, and the only returning character to the franchise) who interestingly enough is on trial for the murder of the Count. 591 more words

Universal Horror

Episode: July 20th


Episode Synopsis: Renfield is back to catching flies. He tells Seward that his collection of birds has flown away, but a telling drop of blood on his pillow and the remnants of feathers tells a different story. 126 more words


Giveaway Winner & Vampire Recs

Thank you to the seven readers who entered the giveaway for Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula! I used random.org to pick a winner and the book goes to commenter number two .  613 more words


Review: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's 'Carmilla'

I love vampires. The classic, predatory type in combination with a historical setting and a nuanced undertone of rampant sexuality.

The genre has changed beyond all recognition over recent decades, and I seldom find gems among the hordes of new bloodsuckers. 590 more words

Castlevania - A Netflix Review

I don’t have much experience with Castlevania. I once watched about a third of a Let’s Play of Symphony of the Night, played Castlevania III for as long as it took the first floating Medusa head to appear and knock me into a river, and vaguely remember a game existing on the DS with a giant crab in it. 2,331 more words