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'Salem's Discotheque

Undead bloodsuckers go to play
down at ‘Salem’s Discotheque.
Gaunt and lithe, Count Orlok
grooves to “Stayin’ Alive”
as the shimmering ball throws light
on his grin filled with stained canines. 125 more words


Dead Until Dark By Charlaine Harris

First off sorry if the picture traumatized you, I think I’m so clever.

So who is Sookie Stackhouse? A beautiful waitress at a bar in Lousiana with a disability. 226 more words

Top 10 Vampire Destruction Scenes #1 Horror of Dracula (Candlesticks and Sunlight)

Back at #5 I mentioned that it would have been asking a lot of director Terrence Fisher to achieve perfection twice, and here is where he achieved it. 488 more words



From Stoker to Meyer, not once has Nosferatu failed to simultaneously repulse and enthrall us; perhaps it is the angelic beauty of the beast, or the promise of life eternal that draws us mere mortals within their deadly embrace.   1,147 more words

Bram Stoker

Germany, Romania & the Dracula Workshop

Last week, I attended the International Conference Beliefs and Behaviors in Education and Culture in where I was a presenter in the workshop titled: Where’s the Place of Dracula: (De)constructing Stereotypes in the Study of the Mythical Space in Literature and the Arts. 642 more words


Top 10 Vampire Destruction Scenes #2 Dracula: Prince of Darkness (Stake Through the Heart)

A staking had to be here somewhere.  It’s such an essential method to dispatching the undead, that it would almost be a crime not to have it here, somewhere.   551 more words


Disco Vampire Love

Before vampires were sparkling in the sunlight George Hamilton was sparkling under the disco ball in Love at First Bite, a 70’s era Bram Stoker’s Dracula parody. 290 more words