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Avoiding the Draft

July 13, 1863: The New York City draft riots begin. Congress had passed a law to draft men for participation in the Union’s fight in the US Civil War. 677 more words


1863 – Large numbers of Irish immigrants are involved in Draft Riots in New York.

Most people who are passingly familiar with the Civil War or who have seen the film Gangs of New York likely know that Irish immigrants were the chief culprits in one of the most infamous incidents in that conflict: the New York City Draft Riots. 1,114 more words

Irish-American History

Hopper-Gibbons Supporters Prevail in Court

Preservationists scored a long-sought legal victory in an ongoing effort to restore Manhattan’s only documented and landmarked stop on the Underground Railroad back to its original height. 984 more words


Fate of Hopper-Gibbons House hinges on provision, permit interpretation

The ongoing legal battle over Manhattan’s only documented and landmarked Underground Railroad site continued in the appellate division of the New York Supreme Court on Feb. 1,110 more words


A Woman Needs A Woman to Pray To!

It is a frigid -2 degrees morning with glittering sun-gold snow mounds and I am in need of prayer. I’ve been weakened by the flu and the vicissitudes of life. 433 more words

There's no such thing as an objective object

Writing for The New York Times, Ken Johnson opines:

From a human perspective, there’s no such thing as an objective object. Anything that comes to a person’s attention — a rock, a tree, a dog, a painting, another person — will evoke ideas, feelings, memories and fantasies.

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How the Deadly Draft Riots of 1863 in Manhattan Reshaped Black and Irish Families

The draft riots exploded on the streets of Manhattan in 1863 when poor Irish immigrants and other whites turned on African-Americans in a bloody spasm of beating, maiming and lynching. 482 more words