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ideas alight!
after Kendall F Person

always ideas
……one goes in
……another goes out,
……creating anxiety
……as friction creates…..doubt
the process ungrounded
in faith
they must alight… 9 more words

Misc Flux

One Day, As I Was Getting My Eyebrows Fixed

“This is gonna hurt,” she said.


“No, really. This is going to hurt.”

I followed her into the bathroom anyway. She put the seat cover down and motioned for me to sit on the toilet as she opened a drawer and pulled out her tweezers. 319 more words


3 Steps to Speeding Up Routine Emails

One common problem at work is the drafting of routine emails (for approvals etc.) Routine work is unavoidable. But what we can do, is make it efficient. 139 more words



Drafts can be very useful. Sometimes. For some people. Apparently not for me though. Looking through my drafts folder, I realised that I have no idea what the hell I was trying to say. 62 more words


The Sound of Someone You Love Going Away and It Doesn’t Matter

What was Simon Jeffes thinking?

Sitting cold and desolate in a hotel room, with no fancy furnishing on a rainy day in France, you breathe in and out gently, as if slowly pondering life. 422 more words


Trigger exercise #8

Pick one word from each list:

Concrete Nouns:

Abstract Nouns:

-Scream… 28 more words

Writing Tips