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Quick drafts

As i was planning on what I want to create and already had more less an idea inside my head of how application would look. 11 more words


Believe in Magic

Doubt crept in when the clouds turned grey, and I thought I was losing my magic. Turns out the sun shines bright and I still got it. 45 more words


The Fear of Editing

Writers write. Or so you would think. Do artists art, or musicians music? Well, yes, in a way, but there is more to being a writer, artist, and musician than just a word that describes what we do. 1,251 more words


Taking Knock Backs and Turning Them Into Comebacks

So, since the last blog post, Girlship Troopers suffered a severe setback, the most serious setback in not only the project’s history, but also, perhaps, in the entire history of fiction writing. 811 more words


So it begins...

I began the rewriting process with Part One. I have been horrified about it, obviously, but it needs to be done – or then I just delete the whole damn thing… and in a way I do. 777 more words