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Second Draft Done?

I think? I think it’s done? It feels so weird to say I finished the second draft after a year of working on it. It seemed like an insurmountable task. 215 more words


Free Verse

Authors Note:

Dear reader,

In this free verse poem I am trying to portray the fun I was having when I was younger while my grandfather was struggling to keep up with me. 652 more words


Indie Publishing - do we need agents anyway?

First off – I love being able to tell people ‘I am a writer. Oh yes, I am published. And I do it all myself.’ 594 more words

Indie Publishing

The special gift from my grandpa( short story )

I was reminded of an event in my past, taught me a lesson and I will never forget that precious lesson. It happened when I went to high school in Vietnam. 933 more words


Food Storage Technologies

Recently, Chinese media has posted a weird video about a fish had been freeze in -32 C. After 30 sec they pull it out and put it back into the water, suddenly the fish came back to life in about a minutes. 174 more words


CAMS104 - Group Task Week 1 Draft

Over the past 2 weeks, I have written a piece for the group. It’s still in it’s very preliminary stage and we still all need to make changes to suit the vocalists and instrumentalists. 111 more words


His Stupid Game

His Stupid Game

They’re after me, I don’t know what to do. It just seems that every turn I take he is just 5 steps behind hiding in the corners. 612 more words