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What, you want to know where Shinobi shoes comes from?

Peeps saying my rap game ain’t awesum,

they saying that they don’t understand can’t spell right, 128 more words


Steps for the Scorpio

I’ve made a diagram of what steps I should take to build the Scorpio both because I’m prone to forgetting things and so I can organize my thoughts.



The morning crew

goes to work in darkness:
at San Jac and 24th
too tired to stand straight they
slump, shoulders almost touching
but not quite… 240 more words

Progress In Public

Novel Beginnings

Hello, Readers!

I missed doing a blog post yesterday. I tried a few times, but no subject matter was coming to me. Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me. 294 more words

Misty Harvey

Unit 4 Draft: Chinook Ad

For the Unit 4 project, I created an advertisement for the new student center, The Chinook. The Chinook has its very own yoga studio so I thought it would connect to my theme of yoga by explaining the studio on campus. 416 more words


My hearts war

Today, my wife and I sat in the backyard and watched as our girls played together. She talked to me as she always do about her new exercise boot camp and how it “kiliing” her legs, rubbing her hamstring for effect. 357 more words


Pit Fightee

“Get up!”

My handler’s gruff hollering broke through my punch-drunk haze and everything came flooding back from there. My arms quivered. My body screamed. My legs cramped; I had been running circles away from my opponent and was exhausted, completely out of steam. 789 more words