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Information Library II

Eien no Yume – 永遠の夢 
Author : SHISHIO

Arc I: To The New World: 新しい世界へ
Arc II: C


The World
The planet is called ‘The Globe’. 1,448 more words


Alexander The Great Chapter I: Early Life

Born on either the 20th or 21st of July around 356 BC to King Philip II of Macedonia and Queen Olympias. At an early age, Olympias had convinced Alexander that Philip wasn’t his father but rather the Greek God, Zeus making his a demigod in his mind. 799 more words


Glimpse of Writing: #TJOH Excerpt

Glimpse of Writing is a once a month blog feature where I share my writing drafts. I love reading novels but I also love to improve writing stories. 1,255 more words


1st Round 2017 Redraft at the 3 Quarter Mark

The season is in its final stages. We have made it through 10 weeks and are entering the home stretch. In many leagues, people are well aware if they are trending towards the playoffs, or the toilet. 462 more words


Specificity: Authentication

Specificity is something my creative writing professors pounded into my skull from the moment I walked into their suspiciously bare, humorless classes (there should seriously be a law requiring  CW classes to have some form of decoration, what writer can function in a such a sterile environment!). 271 more words


Pushing Through Stuck

This post has been modified from the version I wrote for the Nearpod blog.

It happens every time.

It might happen after my first draft. 946 more words


Knowing When to Stop: How Much Editing is Too Much?

The idea of writing the first draft of a book – when it’s still in your mind, when you haven’t done it yet – seems like such a large mountain to climb. 1,054 more words

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