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     The Giver

During the first four chapters, Lowry describes a community that is really different from our life today. Most people in the book think that everyone should think and act the same way and obey the committee so they won’t get released. 413 more words


"And Now": drafts and scribblings

1. Hold on to this.
A day.  You get so many.
Mornings that you’ll sleep
and stretch and yawn
and leave behind.
Mornings together. Mornings alone. 124 more words


Vocab Words

Constitution:  A paper that has laws and rules of a country written down on.

Empire: A group of states ruled under one person.

Abdicate: To leave the throne and stop ruling. 34 more words

"The Maker's Eye" Reflection

My thoughts about revision after reading “The Maker’s Eye” really opened my mind. I also got a ton of good information by the people sitting around me. 99 more words

The Feast at Samhain & Vampire Thoughts

Three pairs of eyes, dusted heavily with shadows of Dior, beamed at the stage where a D-list “vessel” was just sold. The auction house, or rather, suite, was rattled by the combined ass… 306 more words


The Small Community I Live In

As a world traveller, I often find myself immersed within many different tastes and hobbies. My mind and my feelings also travel along with me as I journey from land to land, as if they are my companions. 589 more words


A way of life

Many people believe that sports are only for entertainment, but they are more than that, when we break it down, sports connect all of us in some way. 435 more words