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ART 53, day 40

This Is Fifty-Three, day 40

Yesterday was focused on preparing a ‘just the words’ version of the book—in part because I know the full-color edition will necessarily be more expensive, so I want to have an alternative available, and in part as a backup in case I run into any problems producing the book the way I currently have it set up. 75 more words


Realizations: Four- Her Burdens

She cries out in pain.

The hot water burns her skin as it splashes out of the cup. She struggles to balance the basket and the cup of tea, eventually dropping both on the table. 177 more words


ART 53, day 39

This Is Fifty-Three, day 39

Minor stuff today… 86 more words


Exec Team Meeting Minutes July 2016

Saturday, July 9, 2016, 9:45 am

Participants: Iliana Kafel, Ashita Ranjan, Dhiresha Marshall, Josh Lowry, Daria Mallard, Bob Johnson, Vicki Burnett, Will Wilson, Ken Taylor… 407 more words


Creative Writing Ma

It’s been a long time since my last post, and it’ll most likely be a little while until my next. Since I came back to Norway, I’ve been buried to my neck in work. 420 more words


ART 53, days 36 & 37

This Is Fifty-Three, days 36 & 37

Nothing terribly exciting… 273 more words