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Club hosts drag show

By Misty Severi

The words “I’m a gummy bear, oh yes I’m a gummy bear!  I’m a yummy, chummy, funny, lucky gummy bear” could be heard from the steps of the Martin Luther King building as a drag queen danced her way around a crowd of students. 442 more words


Drag Queen Shi-Queeta Lee live streams performance at the White House

The White House performance by Shi-Queeta Lee took place on November 17. Historians should mark the date as another milestone in our self-imposed decline. In case you missed the live broadcast, I am giving you another opportunity. 147 more words

Liberal Loonies

Ryan Burke

Ryan Burke is a New York based photographer, make up and visual artist who creates perspectives based on non conventional looks.

His self portraits show hours of work that have gone into the extravagent make up using various bright colours and props to suit the studio based image. 67 more words

Throwing shade: the 90’s hep-pic legacy

What’s “shade” and why do we laugh so much when hearing it?

We might have lost Tupac, VHS tapes and milky pen, (RIP), but if there’s one thing more present than ever that comes from the last century, it’s evidently shade. 807 more words


Battling Brenda Mywille

As you may or not know from either knowing me or reading this Blog I refer to my addiction as Brenda. Brenda, is a 6 foot drag queen with a MAJOR attitude problem and I’ve recently given her a last name, and in the spirit of dragdom have provided her with a Puntastic last name. 951 more words


Brandi from Drink and Click

Brandi from Drink and Click – Austin, Texas

As photographers we look for the new or unusual, at least I do. At last week’s Drink and Click, 175 more words


An Icon - Quentin Crisp and Penny Arcade in Vienna #Video

Maybe in another world. I just adore him. Quentin Crisp. A stunning example of individuality.


Photography And Art

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