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Glamorous, fabulous and often outrageous, drag queens do more than just blur the lines between men and women – they draw lines of their own. If, as many would have you believe, it was a drag queen that threw the first punch in 1969 in New York’s Greenwich Village, it was that blow that triggered the gay rights movement. 634 more words

Queen of Rods: Drag Queen?

Is it just me or would the Queen of Rods make an AWESOME drag queen? And where is my glittery drag tarot deck by the way? 200 more words


Jeza Belle in Ike Avelli's 50 Shades of Gay!

One month from tonight, come out and celebrate pride as Jeza Belle  joins comedian Ike Avelli​ ‘s show, 50 Shades of Gay at The Duplex Cabaret and Piano Bar​ along with kick-butt singer Amber Ferrari​ and the talented Tym Moss!!! 7 more words

Jeza Belle

Hometown Hunty - Aqua Xerxes

DQG: How long have you been doing drag?
AX: I have been drag for almost 2 years I started on my birthday July 21st 2014 . 700 more words

Drag Queen

Saint Peter D'Vil - "I Don't Always Aim To Be Natural, I Always Aim To Be Supernatural"

Saint Peter D’Vil, born 1981 is living her life and doing her drag on her own agenda. She’s a Dragula Exorsister, founder of Whore Haus, a Rasputin and Pop Ikon cast member and the creator of some of the most popular drag jewelry items in Los Angeles. 1,395 more words

Drag Queen

Hometown Hunties - Arabia Felix

You’ve seen the wonderful artwork of Arabia Felix, her recreation of the “Laganja Moment” made light of the difficult situation that happened during “Untucked.” But Arabia’s more than just the creative genius behind the cartoons. 1,030 more words

Drag Queen