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Neon Tribal Claws - Mark II

When Y’all need Cthulhu, or more Neon Yellow in your lives. So Over The Top, you might as well have been drinking from a flat surface… this is going… 459 more words

Nail Art

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The Queen of Ireland (2015)

D: Conor Horgan / 82m

With: Rory O’Neill

Unless you’re a part of the Irish LGBT community, or have been to one of her shows in a number of cities worldwide, it’s unlikely that you’ll have heard of Panti Bliss, the drag queen alter ego of Rory O’Neill. 1,065 more words


Acting with Boldness*

Recently a friend of mine won an award from the Guinness Book of World Records. My friend’s real name is irrelevant here (just like the prophets in the Bible), in the record books you’ll find her as Michelle DuBarry. 666 more words


Book Announcement 7: Baker's Double.

Book Announcement 7!!

My Second Merge!

This time, it’s the story of the Baker Twins Mason and Jason.

As the first of the two books, Trapped is a very short story to Released, I thought it might be better to have the two stories in one, the first of Mason and Jason’s last day in school, then Jason’s story of moving out, and moving on. 99 more words


Derrick Barry

Season 8’s cast for “RuPaul’s Drag Race” was announced last night and as a tad bit obsessed fan of the show, I was super excited when I discovered that… 138 more words


Check out Zeb's Moves on the dance floor!

Vote for Zeb to “Stay Alive” for a chance to win the Fundraising Mirrorball Trophy.

Come out to Drag Bingo with the Queens of the Mirrorball Bash!  66 more words

American Red Cross