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49. Lying Chastely in the Arms of a Beautiful Young Man

From that night on, Inglorion and Lucius are together almost constantly. A typical afternoon and evening with Lucius begins with both of them dressing up, Lucius as Greta X or Terminator X, depending on what bit he’s practicing or where he’s performing that night. 1,997 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Biofouling of ships’ surface increase drag on ships and adds to fuel cost

Various marine microorganisms and macroscopic organisms adhere to ships’ surfaces through different methods such as the secretion of adhesion compounds or through direct adhesion. This process is known as biofouling and adds a layer of material that adhere to the ship surface. 87 more words


Bendalacreme & Jinkx Monsoon |Dec. 10 |Thalia Hall

RuPaul’s Drag Race alums Bendalacreme & Jinkx Monsoon have teamed up for All I want for Christmas is Attention and are bringing holiday cheer to Chicago’s Thalia Hall.  84 more words


48. A Half-Naked Warrior, Shining and Defiant

Lucius strips off his jacket and shirt, seats himself at his makeup table, and starts mixing greasepaint in red, white, black and ochre. “There’s cold cream by the sink,” he says. 2,300 more words

Fantasy Fiction

47. The Magnificent Five: Lucius Scaevola

Lucius seems surprised but also pleased when Inglorion pays him a call in his dressing room the following day. Lucius is dressed simply, as a man, in breeches and a white linen shirt. 1,780 more words

Fantasy Fiction


Ginger’s rising
anxiety left him clutching his chest, as if waiting to catch his heart when it
finally broke free from the rib cage it was fighting so hard against. 211 more words

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