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2 cheers for ECB's Praet, 0 for NYFed's Dudley

A James Alexander post

Two interviews on 26th August showed up a chasm between the ECB and
the NY Fed, reflecting very badly on the Fed. 343 more words

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ECB starting to recognise “an unwarranted tightening of monetary policy”?

A range of financial market developments suggest that the ECB should be getting more concerned that “an unwarranted tightening of monetary policy” is occurring. The euro TWI is up nearly 5% (due to risk aversion effects, looking likely to knock ¼pp off the ECB’s inflation forecast), EA real interest rates have risen sharply (more than US equivalents), the EA yield curve is steeper than before QE and EA equity prices have fallen sharply. 2,419 more words

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Yanis has left the building

This blog has become a focal point for criticism of Yanis Varoufakis, ever since things started to take a turn for the strange in March ( 1,068 more words