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ECB with an iron hand disciplines the smaller Eurozone member states; latest victim: Greece

Last Monday the President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi reacted strongly while answering a MEP’s question in the European legislature. He was asked if the ECB is “blackmailing” and financially “suffocating” Greece. 958 more words


ECB closes last funding option for Greece: Cometh Grexit?

As discussed elsewhere in this blog (see here), Greece has few remaining sources of funding, primarily its own commercial banks purchasing T-Bills through liquidity drawn via ELA authorised by the BoG. 529 more words


Geldregen der EZB: Verteilungspolitischer Segen?

Dirk Löhr

Im Blogartikel vom 7.3. „UNTERNEHMEN ALS VERDECKTE „LAND BANKS“ – DIE SPIEGELBILDHYPOTHESE“ haben wir gezeigt, warum zumindest die erfolgreichen Unternehmen als „hidden land banks“ betrachtet werden können. 2,186 more words


Merkel to Tsipras: So long and thanks for all the fish

Yesterday Tsipras met 6 European leaders (plus one other guy) to discuss the dire situation Greece finds itself in, trying to push through a ‘political’ as opposed to a ‘technical’ solution. 318 more words


Greci riottosi e austerity caviar

Tutta colpa di Declan Costello, quello che ha messo il veto alla legge votata ieri dal Parlamento greco per tamponare la crisi umanitaria in corso. 690 more words


Negativzinspolitik: Die EZB als jene Kraft, die Gutes will und doch das Böse schafft?

Dirk Löhr

Das Wetter in Frankfurt war gestern schlechter als anderswo in Deutschland. Dunkle Rauchwolken über der Stadt. Verletzte Polizisten, verletzte Blockupy-Demonstranten. Die EZB als Sündenbock. 77 more words


The politics of the (a)political ECB: “German Ordoliberalism” in the guise of “Business as Usual”

The European Central Bank (ECB) has come under a lot of fire recently for its decision to stop accepting Greek bonds as collateral (see here… 1,284 more words