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How Stupid Do You Have To Be

By John Rubino – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

“Of course, there are true copper-bottomed mistakes, like spelling the word “rabbit” with three m’s, or wearing a black bra under a white blouse, or, to make a more masculine example, starting a land war in Asia.” — John Cleese… 834 more words

GDP & Employment

Dragons - L’inizio delle corse dei Draghi (Dawn of the Dragon Racers) [BDMux 720p - H264 - ...

Dragons – L’inizio delle corse dei Draghi (Dawn of the Dragon Racers) [BDMux 720p – H264 – …

Draghi at War with Reason & Other Central Banks

From Armstrong Economics, by Martin Armstrong

Tensions are starting to rise between Germany and the ECB because Draghi will not admit his negative interest rates are causing an economic meltdown.  187 more words


Mario Draghi gaat TURBO

De private centraalbankiers scheppen geld niet voor de economie maar voor zichzelf (onder het mom er “alles te doen” blablabla). Zo groeide de kloof tussen de financiële sector en de fysieke economie als nooit eerder. 103 more words

I'm Suffering From Globalization Fatigue. How About You?

Whatever the merits of globalization, (aka Technocratic global fiat rule by the unelected and unaccountable banking and political classes), constantly having to kowtow to it is wearing me out. 738 more words


Draghi Says Stimulus Is Working as ECB Defends Independence

From Bloomberg

Mario Draghi called for critics of European Central Bank policy to give its unprecedented stimulus measures time to work, and urged governments to help. 535 more words


ECB Continues Cheap Money Policies

The Wall Street Journal reported that the European Central Bank (ECB) intends to continue with its loose monetary policies.  ECB President Mario Draghi held a news conference this week and stated that the Bank intends to continue to do whatever is necessary to fight deflation, including more interest rate cuts.  394 more words