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Market Update | 28 June 2017 | Draghi's Hints Have Profound Effect on the Euro

The Euro’s bullish upmove was triggered when Draghi expressed his confidence in inflation and revealed that he just might be ready to change the accomodative policy. 194 more words

Market Update

Alarm! Deutsche Bank Said to Face Possible $60 Million Derivative Loss (As Hindenburg Omen Flashes Red)

Deutsche Bank is struggling with stock prices that a pale shade of levels from 2007.

Now that DB has a derivatives fiasco on their hands as well. 388 more words


EUR/USD needs to close above 1.1284, US-German yield spread largely unchanged after Draghi speech

Don’t be in a hurry to bet on a big move higher in the EUR/USD pair. The major is yet to chew through critical resistance around 1.1284. 253 more words


US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Still Interested In Ultralong (High Duration) Sovereign Debt As Argentina Sees strong demand for surprise 100-year bond

US Treasury Secretary Steve “The Munchkin” Mnuchin said on Bloomberg News today that Treasury is still considering issuing ultra-long sovereign debt. This comes on the news that… 307 more words


Less Cowbell! Fed Raises Target Rate To 1.25%, 10Y-2Y Curve Slope Falls Below 80, Fed Announces Balance Sheet Winddown

As expected, Fed Chair Janet Yellen and the FOMC raised The Fed Funds Target rate (upper bound) t0 1.25% from 1%, a 25 basis point increase. 212 more words