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What is the Nature, Purpose, and Impact of Monetary Policy?

The ECB’s headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.

In this essay I shall discuss the nature, purpose and impact of monetary policy using the example of the European Central Bank (ECB), whose central objective as the core of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB), and the Eurosystem, is laid down in Article 127 (1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU): «The primary objective […] shall be to maintain price stability» (O.J. 2,549 more words

The European Union

Karlspreis : le véritable match commence !

Le comité organisant la désignation du titulaire 2016 du Prix Charlemagne a rendu public les résultats de la consultation des étudiants. La « short-list » établie par les étudiants est à mi-chemin entre conformisme et originalité et ne s’arrête pas aux propositions évoquées sur les réseaux sociaux. 2,201 more words


Qui pour le Prix Charlemagne?

Lors de l’inauguration de l’année académique, le 7 septembre dernier, le Recteur a annoncé que les étudiants du Collège d’Europe pourront participer au choix du titulaire du prix Charlemagne en 2016, attribué en 2015 à Martin Schulz. 546 more words

First Issue

Game Over

When the Fed embarked on its mission to rescue the economy in 2009 it did so on the following premise: Save the banks by re-inflating the housing and stock markets via easy money and, as a result, companies would hire and the eventual scarcity of labor would produce wage growth with the end result that the resulting inflation would permit for a tightening cycle to normalize rates. 1,952 more words


Weekend Charts: Navigating the Next Rally

Yes, there will be a rally again and maybe even soon, but it is what happens AFTER this rally that determines whether a top is already in place or whether we will actually make new highs. 1,221 more words


Week End Blog - Wanted: Easy Monetary Policy

Didn’t you love the military parade in China? Not because of the military ‘gadgets’ that were showcased, but primarily because Chinese markets were closed for a couple of days. 919 more words