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Losing faith but trying not to....

So today was a mixed bag. I think I still had a ‘pissed off hangover’ from yesterday’s psych appointment. The morning started ok, Drago went and had a wee outside, but wouldn’t poop outside or on his morning walk so I came out of the bathroom to an accident again. 1,107 more words

A day of two halves

Well the Psychiatrist appointment went as expected. He glossed over the fact that the last time I saw him I told him I was self-harming, suicidal, having extremely violent thoughts and hearing voices that weren’t mine and instead just said that it he had put in his letter to my GP that I appeared less anxious. 624 more words

Drago Gear Scout Backpack Of

Secondly, you want to look at how long you are going to be using this backpack. If you are going on a long journey and the… 204 more words

Drago Gear Assault Backpack Grey Key

For backpacks that are going to be holding clothing and personal items, you can get some that are not very heavy and are made of materials like nylon. 422 more words

Psychiatrist Day...

Today is the day I have to see the useless Psychiatrist who can’t even record details about my condition correctly. I can’t wait. My GP has complained about him and I said I don’t want to see him again and yet here we are. 233 more words

Successful dog-blocking...

So yesterday I ordered a dog gate, which is pretty much a baby gate but for dogs and my Dad very kindly went and collected it for me from good old Argos. 680 more words

My first day alone with the boys...

So no poomageddon for me this morning, but a couple of wees to be cleaned up which I am more than happy to do after yesterday’s messes. 537 more words