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Controversial opinion: I don't like Dragon Quest's music.

OK, I do enjoy listening to the music from the Dragon Quest games. It is not bad music. But I don’t think I’ll ever form an emotional attachment to any of the tracks, and that’s because of the way that the music is… 243 more words


Locandina per conferenza di archeologia

La prima edizione del “Piccolo Festival di Antropologia di Montagna” si terrà a Berceto il 5/6 novembre 2016

Giacomo Agnetti

Lucha Underground Live Event Results October 23, 2016 (Phoenix, Arizona)

Lucha Underground held two live events on October 23, 2016 from Arizona State Fair in Phoenix.

here are the results:

1st event:

Son of Havoc vs. 66 more words

Lucha Underground

My Climbing Shoes

Above you can see all the shoes i have  bought so far.
At first i did not understand why there are so many types.
Now i have an idea. 49 more words


Al Drago (practically) convinces me to get Snapchat

By Bryan Anderson

Al Drago is an amazing person beyond a shadow of a doubt. He is fantastic when it comes to social media and is a photography wizard. 225 more words

Acp Convention Washington Dc 2016

Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 10.19.16

-Vampiro comes to wish Prince Puma luck and offer him his help. Puma says he wants nothing to do with Vampiro, and he’d rather die in Mil’s hands then have anything to do with him. 512 more words

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Emilia Clarke - Season 7??!!! Oh yeah. We be ready. Grrrr..... ("1,2,3 drago...

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Emilia Clarke – Season 7??!!! 20 more words