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Notes In Observance - Lucha Underground 2/25/15: Respect Goes Far

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(Aired 2/25/15) 493 more words

Lucha Underground

Head Vs. Heart

When my alarm went off this morning, i didn’t hear the high pitched scream and think to myself “another day…”…i thought that it was the ring bell…i got up and looked in the mirror, at a warrior…a champion…one who cannot be stopped, one who rises above all…i got dressed, putting on my ring gear…blue denim jeans, a faded black shirt, and my white hoodie…my usual red hat with the visual of my favorite NHL team on the front (Carolina Hurricanes)…in the kitchen, i cooked my usual, 4 eggs fried, with a glass of water…i sat at the table, my thoughts not scattered, but focused on the round i woke up in…prepared to meet my opponent, life. 1,217 more words


Ci vorrebbe una sigaretta, per poter stare oggi ben impostato. Con una espressione seria o semiseria, le gambe accavallate sulla sedia della cucina, sotto la luce fastidiosa del tavolo sputare fumo a confondere la conversazione. 36 more words

L'isola del drago - un breve estratto.

Un breve estratto dal mio nuovo ebook, “L’isola del drago”.

Il bosco era avvolto nella bruma autunnale, attraverso la quale filtravano i primi raggi del sole nascente.

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I Miei E-book

[Angelo Sindaco | Cooking with the BEARS]

“Dicono che si debba conservare il cibo in contenitori ben chiusi, quando  si campeggia in mezzo agli orsi, per non rischiare di avere ospiti indesiderati a rovinare il nostro banchetto.

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