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Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age: Origins – Return to Ostagar

Another week, another Dragon Age: Origins DLC. What can I say, I like my Dragon Age DLC. Was there a lot of DLC for this game, hell yes. 723 more words

DLC Remix

Everyone Should Text Me

Minor spoilers for Life is Strange, episode 2: lengthy digression into communication mechanics in RPGs


Started episode 2, took a shower, erased the stuff on the mirror, talked to Kate, told her not to go to the police, stopped. 2,236 more words

Dragon Age: Origins – Darkspawn Chronicles DLC Review (PS3)

Have you ever wondered, if you’re a Dragon Age fan, what it would be like to play as the Darkspawn? To be in his or her mind and control one as they try to take over the world and just let the Blight spread? 727 more words


#dragonage challenge (6)

Day 26: Crack otp
Haven’t considered this at all, so off the top of my head I guess Orsino and Meredith getting it on would be fairly crazy. 243 more words


Queer Characters: Zevran Arainai

N.B. I originally wrote this for GayGamer on March 7, 2011. GayGamer has since ceased to exist, so I am republishing this here, and will also do so with a few other pieces over the next few months. 1,452 more words


Dalish Elf Make up test

Here’s something a little different to what I’ve been posting recently!
I bought some new makeup a couple of days ago in preparation for and upcoming shoot (Wednesday 28th) so naturally I tried it out. 235 more words


Throwback Thursday Review – DLC Remix – Dragon Age: Origins – The Stone Prisoner

Because you didn’t have enough companions to begin with, The Stone Prisoner lets you add in another companion so you have an even more difficult time choosing who you’re going to bring with you each time you travel. 602 more words