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Dragon Age: Origins Check-In Week 2

Finding time to play long, demanding games when you’re also working a full time job and trying to keep up on other things is surprisingly difficult. 1,430 more words


5 Video Games I’d Love to Play Again (For the First Time)

I “borrowed” the idea for this post from a recent feature on Unbound Worlds listing five books to read again, for the first time. I am, of course, working on my own list for that one, but while considering books, I started thinking about the games that rocked my world, the ones I wish I could go back and play again for the first time. 2,229 more words


Why I Find Dragon Age: Origins Quests Tedious

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Dragon Age: Origins.  Also, this is a very game specific opinion piece.  If you aren’t familiar with the game, you may not understand this post very well. 1,226 more words


The Power of Virtual Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

…or as a friend cheekily put it once, Happy Singles Awareness Day.

As readers of this blog know, I’m quite a fan of good characters and interesting stories in video games. 2,289 more words

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Dragon Age Origins Check-In: Week 1

Dragon Age Origins is one of those games I always meant to play through but never got around to it. Sure, I started it a few times, got a number of hours in, and really enjoyed myself, but for some reason I always dropped off before getting to the end. 1,655 more words


Dragon Age: Origins Check-In Update

As I’m sure everyone has noticed, week 1 of Dragon Age: Origins Check-In is not up yet. My actual job has been really crazy this week. 114 more words


Alistair Art

Today, I decided it’s time to give the King of Ferelden (or Badass Grey Warden) some time in the spotlight. Warning there are possible spoilers ahead. 189 more words

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