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Unexpected Hero: The Loghain Mac Tir Story, Part I

Hey guys,

So I’ve been reading “The Hero with A Thousand Faces” by Joseph Campbell, which is a very thorough book outlining the “hero’s journey” from mediocrity to larger-than-life, and it struck me that there are many characters in video games who follow this path but are not given credit because they are not the playable character, or because they follow the path in a somewhat unexpected way. 520 more words

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VGJ Commemorative Drawing

I drew this to commemorate some of the characters featured in early VGJs.

Bottom row, left to right (foreground): Danette, Izabela, and Gig (Soul Nomad and the World Eaters); Taro and Hanako (Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days); Travis Grady and Alessa Gillespie (Silent Hill Origins) 51 more words

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#dragonage challenge (1)

So this is a similar deal to the Skyrim challenge, I will answer the 30 day challenge 5 questions at a time, weekly.  The original post is… 478 more words


Dragon Age: Origins - Final Thoughts: Picking Up the Pieces

I was surprised at how many of those old emotions that I hold towards this game came rushing back with this VGJ. At least I understand them a bit better now. 1,841 more words

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Dragon Age: Origins - July 2nd, 2011 (Part Two) - July 4th, 2011: Miles to Go

July 2nd, 2011 Continued

Now, I get to be Anora’s right-hand lady. Joy.

Unlocked Rabble-Rouser and Recruiter. I did not see that coming…

That is to say, that recruiting Loghain was the key to unlocking the latter. 1,231 more words

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Dragon Age: Origins - July 2nd, 2011 Part One: Goodbye

July 2nd, 2011: It wasn’t pretty, but we managed to win over the people at the Landsmeet.

Loghain showed his true colors: more afraid of the Orlesians than the Blight. 612 more words

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Dragon Age: Origins Changed the Way I Look At All Other Games

It’s funny. There are some games which I start playing and instantly get drawn in. They hook me immediately and I cannot step away from them. 1,124 more words