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Fergus in the Tower

Highever, after the Death of the Archdemon:

Fergus and Thor continued climbing the stairs that would lead them to the highest tower within Highever Castle – one of eight towers that were left standing.   7,647 more words

Dragon Age Fan Fiction

Video Games I Keep Replaying

You know you love a video game when you play it more than once. For me, even finishing a game means I really, really liked it, which is rare-ish. 745 more words


De PlayStation Plus Games van de maand Januari 2016

De PlayStation 4 Plus games van deze maand stonden ietwat onder vuur; In mijn omgeving en op het internet hoorde ik nogal wat geluiden over mensen die niet zo tevreden waren over de spellen. 13 more words


The Sexist Nature of Video Games

Of course video games have sexist elements to them – OF COURSE they do. But that doesn’t keep it from irritating me when those sexist elements interfere with my enjoyment of gaming. 691 more words

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Dragon Age Inquisition - The Review

Game Title: Dragon Age Inquisition
Developer:  BioWare
Publisher:  Electronic Arts
Director: Michael Laidlaw
Writer:  David Gaider
Released:  November 2014
Note:  The reviewer played the game on the Xbox 360, so some technical issues may not be present on other systems. 1,637 more words

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Arrow to the Neck

She knew how she would die.
But she didn’t know who’ll it would be from.
And of how betrayal tastes like mixed with blood.

In all honesty, I just wanted to draw Akina again. 60 more words

Art Work