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Morrigan Commission

Tattoo line work done for a friend in Hull. Morrigan from Dragon Age. Was fairly standard to what I usually do, I liked spending time on the detail. 13 more words


My Gaming Landscape [April 21st, 2015]

Two weeks and another Gaming Landscape! I’ve had one of those periods where I keep playing different games and not sticking to one. So this is going to be a long one. 1,752 more words

Video Games

Abnormal Mapping 26: Blend Till Non-Litigious


The Mappers deal with the loss of technology and hope in the only way they know how: deep existential crisis and how it informed criticism. 177 more words

Video Games

Humble Origin Bundle 2

Humble Bundle did it again, they put-together a great game bundle. With the Humble Origin Bundle 2 you can get Dragon Age Origin, Peggle, Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor Allied Assault and Command & Conquer and the Zero Hour expansion for just $1. 60 more words


My Adoring Public

I followed the guard out of the Landsmeet Hall to my left.  My companions had run to catch up me, “hey where are you going?” Leliana asked. 3,299 more words


Tamlen's end

I found it strangely affecting, learning what happened to Tamlen—the friend who gets lost to the mirror in the cave if you do the Dalish elf origin story. 194 more words

Zeds Dead Baby Zeds Dead

The Mass Effect of Changing Dragon Age's Dialogue System

Continuing on from the last post regarding the excellent dialogue system in Dragon Age: Origins, this time I’m going to be talking about the changes they made to the system in the game’s sequel, Dragon Age II, and why those changes were not for the better. 345 more words