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Dragon Age: Origins Redux

When I first played Dragon Age: Origins sometime in 2010, I was… distracted. I realize that now, as I’ve just completed my second romp through the game. 2,072 more words

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If Only People Still Liked Presents

Some minor spoilers for where to buy things in Mass Effect: Andromeda


Played, but didn’t get to anything interesting. I got in my shiny, awesome NOMAD all prepared to get to the “hunting the archon” main quest marker and off I went. 1,820 more words

There's No Good Shopping in This Galaxy

Some minor spoilers for companion/theme points in Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age: Origins


Ok, I got nothing cuz NYC. But the trip was good. 2,329 more words

Swords and Children - Part Three

Takes place after Dragon Age Origins, and during the events of DA2.

This also has my wardens, mostly my Elissa Cousland, and mentions of my other wardens (mostly in passing). 2,296 more words

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Swords and Children - Alistair and Cailan pt.2

Here’s a part two I wrote, set firmly in the game’s timespan, though it’s also a multi-warden, more obvious than part 1.

Same, late arriving spoilers. 2,139 more words

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Swords and Children - Alistair and Cailan

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Part Two Tumblr

Part Three Tumblr

Notes: Grief, a variation of classism,

I started working on it, and had a hard time stopping. 1,001 more words

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Before They Were Wardens - Elissa Cousland

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Notes – Classism, Author is still developing and researching into aspects of the character she doesn’t share personally, Conjecture-based assumptions of how nobility of the style/era equivalence operated, and Elissa is the typical Noble Girl Who Hates Being Noble. 1,908 more words

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