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All Your Blight Are Belong To Us

Visual endgame spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins ahead.
You have been warned.

(potemathewolfqueen, I’m looking at you.)

So, it took half a dozen attempts to get through the final fight on the bloody roof of Fort Drakon. 219 more words

Dragon Age Origins

Tiny Rant - Dragon Age: one serving of narrative, please

Note: all images are screenshots from some of my Dragon Age: Origins games. I played Inquisition on the PS4 and thus don’t have screenshots for it. 1,371 more words

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Press Start: Dragon Age Origins (2009, PC)

This time, I’ll be talking about the first instalment of the Dragon Age franchise, Dragon Age: Origins. It is, as you might be able to tell from the title, about the origins of the world of Thedas. 791 more words



Started playing Dragon Age Origins about an hour ago. My obvious choice was an elf mage.

This looked really nice at first, but then I mess up the nose. It’s always the nose.

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5 Fabulous One Liners

This week I will mostly be hunting monsters in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. While I prefer games that allow me to create my own character, I have a soft spot for Geralt’s brand of grizzled snark. 249 more words

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The Heart Of A Lion: Charting The Character Development And Romance Of Cullen In Dragon Age

My first introduction with Bioware games started with Dragon Age: Origins. I immediately got swept up in the idea of choices, how your choices affect the world around you, and having the ability to build bonds of friendship or romance with key companions in your game. 2,576 more words

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